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Song Battle!!


  • Song Battle!!

    What song do you like better?

    Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-04-28 19:24
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on April 28, 2009

What song do you like better?

Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

Leave a comment with your pick below

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505master's picture

I think there both the same

Sofa_King_Awesome's picture

They're both great songs but I think I'd have to say Inside The Fire wins out a little, also Rockreaper1254, Devin may be your girlfriend's name but the song is talking about her commiting suicide, just in case you didn't know.

Sex is like air, it's only a big deal if you're not getting any.

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Rockreaper1254's picture

i chose inside the fire because its a better song and my girlfriend's name is also devin though a different spelling but close enough

mr.dark's picture

dunno there both as wikid as each other LOL XD

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Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side
A terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Ever broken enemy will know
That their opponent got to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive

this is a tough vote... both songs are epic, but in after listening to both i'd have to say that Perfect Insanity wins

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sashajadebubz's picture

perfect insanity is deffinatly better ;)

The Fury's picture

I like both but obviously Inside the Fire is better.

Jor436's picture

Inside the fire for sure!!!!
It's way better than perfect Insanity.
Only the meaning of the song Inside The Fire is great.
Everything of the song is AMAZING!!!!

Insanely_Disturbed's picture

Perfect Insanity all the way!

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anarchy60's picture

Perfect Insanity!!!!

Prince Of Tennis's picture

I think that INSIDE THE FIRE but all disturbed songs are great

HL_Killer's picture

I'd vote for Perfect Insanity anyday

break sk8's picture

inside the fire ^.^

Baffis's picture

Inside is really much better!

tigers098's picture

inside the fire is better but I think there songs are deep and plus inside the fire is darker.

DilBil's picture

between these two i would have to pick Inside The Fire, i like Perfect Insanity too but i feel like inside the fire is darker, a lot darker, i like dark.

bettayetta's picture

I am listening to DARKNESS on BELIEVE. What a beautiful voice!.,(Power dances effortlessly off of his tongue; Drawing in all lost souls-of which I am one!)


kasumi1488's picture

Inside the fire! Is my favorite. I like it very much.
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i_cant_think_of_a_name's picture

Personally, i think Inside the fire is better, it has a cool music vid, it is an awesomely themed song, and the lyrics and guitar is just BETTER. great song, great band, DISTURBED!!!

mikez's picture

inside the fire

silverbelt123's picture

definatly inside the fire

nikos1's picture

Can't really decide,both songs are great!!

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Devon lies beyond this portal, take the word of one Disturbed1 Member!