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Song Battle!!


  • Song Battle!!

    What song do you like better?

    Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-04-28 19:24
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on April 28, 2009

What song do you like better?

Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

Leave a comment with your pick below

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Breyeney's picture

Perfect Insanity for sure. Both are great, Perfect Insanity is UNREAL!!!
Come back to Australia real soon guys!!

dnachngr's picture

I like my coffee black just like my metal!

peachfellow's picture

This one is close for me, but in the end I'd go with Perfect Insanity, it just kicks your ass from beginning to end!!

intoxicatr's picture

Inside the fire all the way!

thomas pockett's picture

definetly perfect insanity

bioflame's picture

Perfect Insanity

KittyCat's picture

Perfect Insanity, Definitely. so awesomely creepy and disturbing (pun not intended :P)

come a little closer...

Heavy Metal, Anime and baking. me in a nutshell

ScarredShadows's picture

I can't pick, they're both awesome songs

thealene's picture

perfect insanity

linkfan17's picture

that song is the best indestructable song ever

aprildawn_98's picture

I really liked this song a little more although both are great.

phoenix_king2's picture

Inside the fire!! but if perfect insanity had the guitar solo of ITF, it would be soooooo much better!

theguy14's picture

Alex C. a.k.a.theguy14

INSIDE THE FIRE is better but perfect insanity is good too

LisaLanguish's picture

I Think Perfect Insanity Is Better :) I Love tht One :)


Truegen's picture

Inside The Fire

the best part of that song is the beginning of the second verse where the quality sounds like it's cut, then it comes back to full clarity

chuck22's picture

inside the fire is way more awsome
i rekon it's probably on of their best songs
does anyone else agree?

huntsman's picture

inside the fire is awesome

Docyx13's picture

both songs rok..... idk its impossible to pik btween em

slyfer043's picture

perfert insanty!! my favorite song

thepainkiller74's picture

Inside The Fire!!!!!

IamJames6606's picture

The lyrics are inspiring, and the gutair solo kicks ass. But of corse, their both amazing in their own ways. LONG LIVE DISTURBED

DCM98's picture

No doubt about is.... Inside the Fire

HellHaMMer's picture

both songs are good but inside the fire wins this battle with its agression sound and the lyrics are good but again both songs rock

freak on a leash's picture

inside the fire is way better. although they both rok inside the fire pumps me up and is better instramenaly and has better lyrics

FreaK OuT

UnkownnHostile's picture

This a toughey...

But i think....errmmmm...

Inside the fire for me just alot fresher , punchier and alot more aggresive and lyrically aswell..

But a close call...again i like both songs very much.

Joe_Tyrant's picture

Perfect Insanity is infinitely better in my opinion. That's not to say Inside the Fire isn't great, I just prefer PI due to the subject matter. Suicide and loss aren't my thing - usually ^^.

heights32's picture

David's fierce ending of this song and Dan's sick solo make this an easy pick over Perfect Insanity.

crazy_bubbles21's picture

most of my friends actually have dedicated Perfect insanity to me! hahahaha, maybe its cause i can be a bit of a spaz! hehehe
Ever since i saw the first clip of it when disturbed were youngings in a club with david dressed in a straight jacket and small brown fuzzy hair I have absolutely adored the song!
Disturbed - you are the legends among a crowd closed minded, deceitful snobs! GO UNDERGROUND METAL!!!!!! Love you guys! :-p

hjjnp's picture

Due to the fact tht everyone knows inside the fire and i hear it all the time id have to say im a fan of perfect insanity.

D-reject's picture

Inside the fire is my favorite of the two. Gives me a better drawing and better writings. D-reject