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New Video - Pat Benatar. So Metal!


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on May 03, 2010


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"You're a heartbreaker...dream taker don't you mess around with me"


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Im not a huge Pat fan, but that song is my favorite. I love heart breaker :P

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And just when I thought I couldn't dig you anymore than I already do David... :)

Awesome bit of video :) You guys are the best and I cannot WAIT for the new music!


roxxer415's picture

I think that any remake you guys do of a Pat Benatar song would be simply epic. Love is a Battlefield would be simply amazing! Just saying...

Paul08's picture

To hear the band do a cover of "Shadow of the Night" would be awesome. But to hear David Draiman sing that song would be fucking epic. Any song that they cover suddenly turns awesome.

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Paul08, I totally agree. Every time I hear Disturbed cover a song, it just becomes so much more incredible!

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I heard them talking at the beginning and it sounds like The Warrior is the song they're gonna cover. Should be good!!

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Covering Shadow would be pretty cool lol


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Disturbed cover of "Shadow of the Night" would be AMAZING hahah

Indestructible, determination that is incorruptible

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any new pictures or videos for DOD any time soon?

Great video though, I love how Mike is randomly messing with his belt
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Lol, he wasnt messing with his belt. He was changing his pants hahaha

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If anyone should do a cover of Pat Benatar it should be the band Halestorm. I never really liked Pat Benatar, Joan Jett was better. I guess I never listened to the guitar parts.