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Disturbed Jumps to #1


  • Disturbed Jumps to #1

    Disturbed's new single "Another Way To Die" jumps to #1 this week on the Billboard Active Rock chart. This is the bands fastest #1 single at Active Rock making it to the top of the charts in only 4 weeks. This is also the fastest #1 song on Billboards Active Rock chart in over 3 years and marks the bands seventh #1 single. Disturbed is tied for the third most #1's on Billboard's Active Rock chart with Metallica!

    Posted 2010-07-12 14:09
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on July 12, 2010

Disturbed's new single "Another Way To Die" jumps to #1 this week on the Billboard Active Rock chart. This is the bands fastest #1 single at Active Rock making it to the top of the charts in only 4 weeks. This is also the fastest #1 song on Billboards Active Rock chart in over 3 years and marks the bands seventh #1 single. Disturbed is tied for the third most #1's on Billboard's Active Rock chart with Metallica!


ChArGeR's picture

I don't care what any of you think but I love this song. And just because it's about environmental issues doesn't make it any less amazing.

Number 1 is well deserved, congrats Disturbed.

FlyingWrath's picture

I think the way they did it was excellent. Only Disturbed can make music this epic and, draw people attention to a global issue at the same time.

brandialex28's picture

Well it.


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You all are quite wrong. This song jumped to number one on the chart not because of Disturbed or because it's "for kids." I jumped to the top of the chart because instead of producing songs that their fans would like, Disturbed picked a song to capitalize on the oil spill that has been all over the news. The song does not bring environmental issues to the forefront of people's minds as they are already there for anyone who has seen even 15 second of the news over the past months.

It's a good business decision, but it's fucking shit for those who have been fans of the band and don't like to see them caring more for money than they've ever cared about the fans. It's more comparable to Green Day's American Idiot than anything I would expect to hear from Disturbed. Let me explain. The song has the same tailor-made radio edge, the lyrics are stunningly political, but they are also stunningly poorly written and have less than no poeticism (not that that's ever been a forte of David's or Green Day), they are then praised by much the majority who already held the opinion contained within them and elevated beyond the musicality of the song (which is incredibly poor). Now, I'm all for the environment and torn up about the oil spill in the gulf. This song might have been an important message to hear several years ago, but right now, it's just capitalizing on a crisis. I hate it for that reason and because the song is poorly synthesized and blatantly soulless. Feel free to comment on THAT.


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I don't see why it is bad that disturbed deals with a big issue in society, I think it is good that they don't avoid the issues (they deal with other ones such as suicide with inside the fire). Did they do it to make money, any song that disturbed puts out is going to be popular. They didn't need to put out a song about the environment, they wanted to, they could have had a hit if they put out Asylum first.

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The album isn't out yet, judge it when it is out. When i first heard Another Way To Die, i was not impressed, but now i have it on my iPod and i can't stop listening to it. Have faith in disturbed guys, the album titles are looking sweet, so chill and enjoy what we have from the amazing band called disturbed.

Stop the hate, Disturbed is the future.

PetrovSF91's picture

Ok look fucks, it all comes down to opinion. Some fans like this music, some do not. You just happen to not like the new single. SO fucking what. Alot of other people do so don't ruin their fun. alot of people talk about what bands wanted to do and what the music industry has "done" to them and "they " have done. well you know what? STFU! Have you personally talked to members of the band? If not then Shut the hell up! You dont know your shit so dont spew anything. OK my piece is said. bye all, - PetrovSF91

PS. Disturbed HAVE beaten Metallica, as Indestructible is missing from that list, and it reached number 1 on that chart. So ha! Besides when thier next couple singles go number 1, they will have massivley pawn Metallica in that category.

analogkid's picture

Yep, I talked to the band yesterday, and they said the fan called PetrovSF91 is a pansy, such anger in your posting above, what happened, did your hybrid break down on the way to your tree hugging rally today?

PetrovSF91's picture

nah just fucks like you get on my nerves. for one if you really talked to the band then they probably would have noticed(if they do read these things) that im a avid fan of theirs so they wouldnt insult me like that dipshit. just dont bother replying because fucks like you that dont have a life and justr want to troll others are what causes these outbreaks.

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I just can't understand what people are listening to on this song I guess, a metal song on ice burgs melting wih elementary written lyrics like something from American Idol, not even put to a new sound, I guess I expected more after what they have accomplished over the last 10 years. My #1 band is RUSH, which has a very loyal following as well, but at least when RUSH put out a song/Album like "Roll The Bones" that was utterly horrible, the fans didn't stroke the band into thinking they were on the right track and it was amazing. We called it like it was, they layed an egg, and we hoped for better the next go around..

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I'm about to brag on facebook... I'm the only disturbed one in my ring of friends. :(

Reaper524's picture

Way to go guys, it appears that people are starting to appreciate your music more and more. And i think that ALL Rock/Metal music fans of all bands should all appreciate what this genre of music does for us as not fans, but people. So thanks Disturbed, Metallica, etc. ROCK ON!!

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This album cover, this music, this band is for kids. Used to be hardcore enough adults could enjoy. That sucks for any adults that have Disturbed tattoos. That has to be worse than a tribal band.

Kitsuneshinigami's picture

Obviously, you've never been a child. It doesn't matter about hardcore, it matters if there is a message. And Another Way To Die HAS a message. Disturbed wants to SEND a message. They've said that before, and "no one is listening". Suck it the fuck up and move the fuck on. If you don't like the band, don't become a fan.

KodiakICE's picture

You are a kid. This is a kiddie song. This is why you will blow them no matter what. I am a fan, but this is me pulling out because this song is a pile of shit, with a shit message. When did it become cool to send a important/positive message with hard rock? This song is worse than Where is the Love by Blackeyed Peas. At least when that song comes on I know what I'm in for. My jaw hit the dirt when this masterpiece played for the first time. Their opening act should be the Wiggles.

Kitsuneshinigami's picture

YAY! I'M A KID! But you said the BAND was for kids. Now you're saying it's just the SONG. Make up your mind you icky growed-up! If you're not remaining consistent, you really don't care, so what's the point of posting something you know is just gonna piss people off?

If the sickness is the cure, stay sick. (Ooh... Looks like people are starting to take their icky medicines...)

analogkid's picture

Remember Metallica's 5th album, the BLACk album, that metal song about the environment they released, oh, wait, that's right, Metallica wouldn't ever cheese out like Diturbed has. It is just a numbers game I know, and I've never seen so many sheep as Disturbed fans who will love whatever crap they might put out, but let's really not go comparing Disturbed to Metallica, cause really, they are in 2 totally seperate leagues..Hope the rest of the album doesn't suck as bad as the first single...

Reaper524's picture

Okay, I will agree with you completely that Another Way to Die was a blue ball song and not really anything great. However, in terms of sheep, Metallica has the fan base because they are the biggest band wagon group in metal music. Their last two albums, St. Anger, Death Magnetic, both sucked horribly. Maybe two songs from each were okay, but Metallica is just one of those bands where everyone has to like them cause its them, when all in all they need to stop making music and leave their legacy where it was, two decades ago.

zkull's picture

Well I agree on Disturbed shouldn't be mentioned with Metallica in the same sentence when talking about music.But they can be when their fans make them tied or surpass a powerhouse, like Metallica,in the number game.But since your bout to jump ship and leave Disturbed you wouldn't notice that. Fans and plays=numbers. I'm not saying Distrbed is better than Metallica. Metallica is my fav and Disturbed and play till they all die, but they will never surpass Metallica musically. I like Disturbed's new single.

TizDisturbed's picture

OK.... I LOVE DISTURBED........ BUT!!!!!!!!!!! After 10 + years of being a fan. I have to ADMIT, DISTURBED is NOT very SOCIAL with THE LONG TIME FANS since they HIT FAME. WTF....... DO the DOD Fans MEAN NOTHING to you??????/ AFTER ALL WE GOT YOU HERE......, I MEAN 10 + years, you get HUGE & the 10+ year fans get NOTHING from you fellas ANYMORE, WELL EXCUSE ME..... we get to pay a BEN FRANKLIN to see you & IF we want to be close, we STAND FOR HOURS.................. You guys USED to personal & CARED about the fans....... I have gave ALL to this group, my tatts, my home, my ride....... ALL honor DIsturbed..... I HAVE ASKED FOR OVEAR a YEAR for a SIMPLE Signature...... I guess 15 mins would just screw your life up. EH????!!!!! BUT with each & every email, friend request we ALL ACT AS IF WE ARE NOTHING! WHICH leads me to HONOR MORE than JUST DIUSTURBED! I love ya'll & the tunes you create, BUT treating FANS like we ARE NOTHING........ well totally F&C!&D!!!!!!!!!! NOT to mention MANY other TDO's, DOD Fans FEEL the same........... Best of luck in the future........ You all, My Brothers NEED TO FRIGGIN AWAKEN, WILL LITTLE EVIL ( SELFISHNESS) INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChArGeR's picture

Like you said, your not the only one. but if it takes 15 minutes for each and every fan that felt this way, how many hours could that add up too? hundreds? thousands? we would be here for another ten years before they could release Asylum if they read all their fans emails and did everything they wanted. so basically, as you said, many other fans feel the same, so why should you get special treatment over them?

Kitsuneshinigami's picture

Do you understand that they have other things to do besides pay attention to just their emails and shit? And I dunno if this escapes your attention, but Dan has kids and kids take work... If you actually cared about the people themselves, rather than their music, you'd lay off. If they really didn't give a shit about the fans, they wouldn't do concerts. They wouldn't have a website where the fans can post comments. And right now, aren't Disturbed working on several things at once? Tour, Album, attempting to keep fans pleased, family, more music stuff, each other... If it was fans first, they'd probably still be working on Ten Thousand Fists. Now, I don't mean to be picking on other bands, (Especially the Knot, seeing as what happened recently...), but bands like Slipknot (since, what, 97 was their first REAL album?) only have 4 out and it's been more than 10 years. Disturbed has given us 4 and is about to make that 5. And they had setbacks like every other band... Be thankful that they actually do love their fans, even if YOU don't personally get messages and bonus prizes for being one.

analogkid's picture

I agree 100% Tiz, well said..I am off the wagon as well, it has turned into a circus and a joke, I am over it..

Kitsuneshinigami's picture

If you don't like Disturbed... why are you on their site? Cuz I honestly don't see the point in still focusing on something you don't like... Anyway, it was just a question...

franz_bLackcat's picture

can't wait for ASYLUM!
Distured rocks!

TizDisturbed's picture

MADE it HUGE & they NO LONGER GIVE A FUK ABOUT US FANS........ I used to spend GOOD $$$$ for early releaSes & stuff...... FUK Asylum.......... I'll get it off another.... I WILL NOT invest another $$$$ into such a twat band that cares nothing about their fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

ejrocksthisworld's picture

Man after 10 years Disturbed ties up with Metallica... hell supposedly they've already passed them up, and Metallica has been around for how many years now!? Disturbed and all us Disturbed Ones out there... cheers for Disturbed's 10th year anniversary, 5th studio album, 7th consecutive #1 singles hit, and for another 10 strong years of kick ass music! ROCK ON AND BELIEVE DISTURBED!

doomthelight's picture

RIGHT ON! its cuz these guys know how to rock

TheOnlyDisturbedOne's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Down With The Sickness, Prayer, Liberate, Stricken, Land of Confusion, Inside the Fire, Indestructible and Another Way to Die equals 8 number 1 singles. Therefore breaking the tie they supposedly have with Metallica for 3rd most number 1 singles.

Indestructible, determination that is incorruptible

willie55's picture

I think your right. I remember last year when Inedtuctible went #1 they said the same thing. This is #8 Which puts them ahead of Metallica.