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Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31


  • Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31

    Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

    Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.

    Posted 2010-08-26 17:43
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on August 26, 2010

Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.


guitarhero15102's picture

u guys are the best metal band ever
hey do u guys ever give tickets away for ur biggest fans
i would kill to be at ur shows but im dead broke

tdog20's picture

Hey i am ur guys bigest fan i started listeing to u since i was 14 u guys rock and i am 20 now dont stop making music i love all ur songs cant pick out wat was my best one wat give u ideas for the songs u guys write and wat were doing during those times when u didnt write or doing tour i think this will be ur best cd yet pls make more after this maybe have other artist join ur songs u sing idk just idea just keep it up!!! ur my number one band ill listen to the most DISTURBED!!!!!

bldydrkangl's picture

I was wondering what was your inspiration for learning your instruments/vocals/lyrics, and what got you into the more technical aspect of making the albums?

apks94's picture

Will we get to hear the b-sides for Asylum: Three, Mine, and Emptiness soon?

xacceptcrime's picture

Once upon a time, I saw Disturbed in Halifax & Dan Donegan pointed at me. <3 Haha.

Question time. If you could create your own dream tour, who would you play with & where would you take it?

Also, better make your way back to little Halifax, Nova Scotia soon. :}

cstribal's picture

Hey guys!
Me and my friend are really big fans of you and the only thing we want to ask from you is to answer in our question:
Are you planing to come in Greece?

It's really important to us you know!So please respond by answering in our question!


DISSECTED 13's picture

Hey Disturbed,
I wanted to say you are all my idols all of your songs relate to me. So i have two questions who were your idols growing up and which one of the songs relate to you.

TheGuy993's picture

Hey guys just curious, what is the meaning behind the song Remember, it is one of my favorite songs by you guys and even though I'm not sure what it's about it hits me deep haha

Kris60's picture

So do you only grunt in your songs or do you do it in other times of your life? (Grin)

DarceyEmpey's picture

Heeeey guys im Dylan from Napanee Ontario Canada and im a HUGE fan of you guys your my #1 fav band and my question is before you were disturbed what where your child hood dreams ? before you decided to start a band ? your guys are the best thx :)

gordogg24p's picture

You've done a lot of cover songs over the years. What song was your favorite to recreate and give that Disturbed feel?

HGFireHazard's picture

Gentlemen, I wish to start off by saying thank you for providing years of mind blowing, face melting, ear shattering rock and roll. Your sound moves my soul.

My question: If you, as a band, could have one wish, what would it be and why?

I can't wait to rock out with you again when you come back to Michigan!

> Donavan S. from Michigan

ramza198's picture

Hey Disturbed. First off you guys kick ass. I know you get this a lot but man it's so true. But I wanna know where did you get the inspiration for "Another Way To Die"? I've been listening to it a lot and like all your music, it rocks.

Dehumanized_One's picture

Hey guys, my name is Josh and I live in Westland. I was just curious on Warrior, because it seems like Mike is drumming like crazy, and was curious how he managed to do what sounds like a ridiculous drum track. Thanks again, and can't wait to see you guys live in Detroit again!

wolfboy6987's picture

Hey Disturbed, you guys are amazing, i am a complete total fan of you guys. Your music has inspired me to write my own songs and poetry, and to sing, it would be a dream of mine to join a band and sing in front of thousands of people every night. Your music has helped me through some really tough times, and those times of pain and sorrow come out in my writing. My question for you is: "Many artists have a calling towards music, did you any of you guys experience that? If so what was it like?

Generalmatte's picture

I loved it when you stop right at the start of down with the sickness then suddenly, you'd start it up again with a bang! Could you do that for calgary!!!????

tonismall's picture

To all of Disturbed: Will the Taste of Chaos tour be the only tour you do in the UK this year/next year/to support the new album? By the time you guys come over I will be 8 months pregnant so I will miss you :( and you have NO idea how much this pains me!!!!!

Also to you all: How do you guys choose which songs to cover? You seem to be one of VERY few bands that are able to cover songs, keeping them similar to the original, but also putting the DISTURBED twist on them. I still Haven't found what I'm looking for actually brought a tear to my eye, I fell in love with it instantly. Do you make a conscious decision to cover songs that you know you will cover well, or is it a case of choosing songs you WANT to cover?

I have been a fan of you guys from the day I heard The Sickness, no band could ever compare to you guys!! Meeting you all was the best times of my life!!

sylgraph's picture

Hi Guys, why did you choose to cover a U2 song for your new album ? (Personally, I like).

Sheepy's picture

Hey David, and all you guys. You guys are just fantastic. One question: What is the meaning behind the lyrics of "Stricken", beautifully written lyrics, it clearly includes a female or females. The lyrics are so relevant to me, a clear idea of the meaning and thoughts behind the lyrics would mean a lot. Thanks :)

BMC360's picture

Distubred i was wondering when you guys would come to boise idaho i know your going to spokane/postfalls for uproar but i cant make it because i went to mayhem concert over the summer and dont have enough money to make it up there and buy tickets and everything so i just wanted to know if you guys could possibly come to boise idaho mybe at the idaho center or the knitting factory or something please come i havent been able to see you guys live and i think it woulod be an honor to see you guys live and meet you guys

spekledworf's picture

Which album did you find to be the most difficult to make?

smkeck815's picture

would you guys be willing to do a rap/metal song with a rapper and if so with who?

blckhrt141's picture

Hey Disturbed! What has it been like recording your newest upcoming album "Asylum" ???

FGFEmperor's picture

Hey guys, you`re awesome!

When are you coming to Brazil? You have a huge fan base here, but you never seen to get out of that USA / Canada / Europe side of the planet!!! Come on!!

Disturbingtool's picture

What is everyones religious and political views in the band? i know David is jewish and seems to be on the liberal side but what about Dan, Mike, and John?

blckhrt141's picture

Hey Disturbed! What has it been like recording your newest upcoming album "Asylum" ???

knaegt's picture

What is the meaning behind the son "Liberate"?

Undeadlife's picture

Hey Disturbed!!! I'm sorry, but I forget about one question... I saw Lyrics to track - Inside the fire, and there I saw a difference, when Draiman sing: Fire All Your Desire.. or: Fire for Your desire, I just want to know, what is wrong, and what is the real lyric... Thank you, sorry I'm bad in English)))

snipershot325's picture


How did you come up with your mascot "the guy"??

Just wondering..

Boston05's picture

David, Have you found that one person that has truly touched your soul and no matter how hard you try you just can't let it go? The words you have written in songs like Stricken, Sickened, Pain Redefined, Torn, and Aslyum indicate that there is someone that you are missing very much. Who is she, is there just one woman responsible for your pain or are there several?