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New Live Video - Asylum Unleashed


  • New Live Video - Asylum Unleashed

    Disturbed's new album Asylum is available now. Download it on iTunes now.

    Posted 2010-09-03 12:36
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on September 03, 2010

Disturbed's new album Asylum is available now. Download it on iTunes now.



Hi Guys...Love the Sickness background!!! Say Disturbed 3 times and feel the cold chills and get goosebumps! I love that whole album! I'll always be the Disturbed1 My e-mail is SMOOTHUPINYA_05@YAHOO.COM if anyone wants to chat with the master! I'm a really strong believer of Statism and would love to hear some thoughts from you on the subject! Statism would make good album name! I talked about it in my dream... make it reality!!!! Disturbed1

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disturbed_person2000.that is gay.they shouldn't put it on without disturbed's permition.i would rather buy it too.disturbed i think that realy sucks for you guys.

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hey disturbed. i love u guys. you see my burthday is on september 18th and i would love if you could anounce my name name is Brandon Hargrove and i always wanted to go to one of your live please make my burthday awsome.

PS:or email me. you guys rock

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i will pick it it up

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Hey disturbed, my name is colin therio and i am hugggge fan!! even though you might not see this im trying anyways. and if u have people to look at your facebook, then im asking you people (or David/Dan/John/Mike) to ask disturbed if they can give me a birthday present, see my birthday is September 18th, if you could announce my birthday onstage. i hope its not to much to ask, it would be life taking if i could be apart of the concert!!!!! please take it in to concideration. once again im Colin Scott Therio.

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Just got my pre-ordered copy here in AUS ... its awesome!

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I pre-ordered this pack before the album was released, I live in the UK any ideas when I might recieve it????

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this message is to DISTURBED!! in general plz read this!! its only been 3 days since your records release i do currently have my own copy bought at the exchange store in southside of pgh pa, i had to have it the first day, tho my preordered one came within 2 days of it bein released.. but the reason for this comment is, i happen to check "" and "" and your whole ablum asylum is already posted their in its entirety... you realize how many people are going to rip you guys off by downloading it now??? for free. i personally want your new record to debut an num 1 again.. but with it posted there, your gonna loose alot of purchases... i just wanted to let you know. i usually don't care for download music from other artists, but when it comes to u guys i have to buy it! hope that you read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. thanks for your time.. hopfully the oposite doesn't happen and other people read this and find out bout it bein there tho, if so sry, its a risk i had to take to warn ya..