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Building of Asylum - Part 2


Disturbed1 Team's picture
on October 15, 2010

Watch part 2 of Disturbed building their new album Asylum. Subscribe to their Official Youtube Channel and look for more videos coming soon.


davidfan's picture

OK not to get way off topic but was that an all white siberian husky??? lols cus it looks exactly like my dog. lols

voodoo_daddy_2003's picture

I cannot believe how far Dan takes it to create such unique sounds. Microphone in jar? Incredible !
Also how the band is so united and strong after 10 years. Disturbed is the greatest !

PapaSmurph88's picture

I like how they're even doing these YouTube posts! You get to see the behind-the-scene's details that you don't often get with music artists. My favorite part of a movie is getting the DVD to watch all the special features. These segments are the special features of the CD world! I need to get the actual DVD itself, however, cash seems to be continually elusive these days. Amazing post Disturbed, keep it up!

DMZMetal's picture

Did you notice that Dan is using Schecter guitars now, instead of Washburns? I think Schecter is a better brand, but all his Washburns were custom. I like the song Infection, because the guitar part sounds like the infection and David's vocals are telling the story, it is a contrast that works in that song.