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on October 28, 2010 is now live! Play the interactive experience and try to escape to win exclusive songs, never-before-seen photos, and more, and share it with your friends by connecting to Facebook!

Commit yourself and enter the asylum at


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you can also try sedate, possess, headbang, smile. with all the other one's I mentioned earlier.

if you want to know about the constellation draco, during the first test there's a icon in the corner, click it, then click it again. :)

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woohoo! I got 100% Disturbed!!

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I have a problemm with the game. When i was starting 10th attempt to for a game i misstyped(instead of 1990 i pushed 1999) age and i cant play at all.
How can i fix this?

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Hey er, I know this may be cheating, but the highest I got was 63%. Can somone post up a 100% guide please, I really want Disturbed stuff.

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omg i cant stop laughing lol, i connected with my facebook account and i didnt use real info when i made my facebook and this is what came up in the news article

Also this is another funny thing

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anyone else have it freeze on the camera part and or are you suppose to have a mic as well?

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I AM 79%. NICE

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I've messed up my date too cuz of the way it's written in the US. :/ Changed IP (got a dynamic one) and delete cache and still can't reenter wtf:/?

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Seems to be workin perfect in Chrome. Is it too soon to ask people what bonus stuff they've got? I still haven't reached 100% disturbed, but I haven't got a webcam. It took me ages to get the code sorted. Seems like cheating to see it posted up here:P

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this game is so awesome... sucky that i'm only 26% disturbed =/

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try possess

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never mind got it :D

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internet explorer wont let me save any of the bnous stuff D: can anyone help? it just closes the save/open option every time automatically

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this is torture for me :/ i want in so badly

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Loved the Asylum.
Brilliant idea!

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OMFG- the new site is just sick!
Thanx "Enlightend" Brothers and Sisters for the clues. (especially mr. sick duck, um, read his comment below! dude's truly "DISTURBED")
Can someone tell me HOW to collect the unlockables so I can save them for myself?
Do they automatically show on the fb wall?
Now, if u will xcuse me, time to go back into the asylum............I command U to RISE!.

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What songs are ya'll unlocking?

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I was trying to start and I hit 1997 instead of '92 so now I can't enter because it says I'm ineligible to view the content. Can I get some sort of reset for my IP because I tried to delete the cookies but that didn't work, neither did deleting any other temporary files. Can I really get someone to help here, or do I have to buy a new computer to play?


in the therapy room try "kill me"

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therapy room: 491239254

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try these in the therapy room. suicide, choke, kick, punch, stand, bleed, die, kill, run, hit, laugh, scream, sad, violence, look, and rock (my personal favorite)

songs you can type in: asylum, droppin plates, just stop, stricken, I'm alive, land of confusion, parasite, inside the fire, deceiver, the night, perfect insanity, haunted, the curse, enough, torn, criminal, divide, facade, prayer, remember, mistress, bound.

the code is 491239254 to escape. :)

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Im using normal internet explore, never had any problems. If you want the code for the therapy room, pull up another page and go through the beging movie process there, now watch it closely and you will see what numbers you need.

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Whats the number code for the therapy room?

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Has anybody get a 100 percent on the game?

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really cool

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Took me 4 times playing the game to make it to the end..
was crazy but i made it YAY!!!

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Fuck I tried that numeric session a lot of times but doesn't work!

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If you're using a webcam and don't feel like waving or screaming - the part where you wave, you can repeatedly hit the left and right arrow keys quickly. The part where you scream loudly you can repeatedly hit the space bar (this one I actually tried and it worked - both are what they tell you to do if you don't have a webcam, since I tried the first time w/out).

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Put in Enough, it plays the song.

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IT WORKS!! OMG so epic!! Loved it!! only 41 % disturbed though :P