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Building of Asylum - Part 4


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on November 02, 2010

Watch part 4 of Disturbed building their new album Asylum. Subscribe to their Official Youtube Channel and look for more videos coming soon.


Davis's picture

There is a lot of fanaticisms in our Russia of Disturbed are indignant, regarding a new album, that so "bothered" them "Heavy metal", that this style already bothers a bit, a group needs to change a subject, and to our opinion, in a new album, did not bring anything new..., and most songs of glued from a previous album... "It is necessary to extend creation, but not trampled down on a the same place"

ElenaCriminal's picture

Sorry, but...
Your tour doesn't include Italy. Why?!?!
Please, come to Italy!

Almirah's picture

the album is a real masterpiece! my congratulations to you, guys!!!

Jarkobb's picture

Mike said 17 tracks. With the album and the bonus tracks including Ishfwilf and Living After Midnight. Is still two tracks unaccounted for. Where are they?

DaKrzFkr's picture

"GTFO" of my face! I'll drop you mother fucker" LAWL!! Love it!

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I loved when he said to David concerning Asylum, "So Many Words!" to which David responded, simply, "Yeah!" ... Asylum IS extraordinary in the literary sense. But, David is a literary Genius! I bet he could do it every single time, if given freedom to use his full talent. It's probably infinite! He is unmatched in lyrical genius. UNMATCHED.

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If people can't recognize what amazing talent this band has, they're either death, dumb, or blind! Hell, maybe even all of thee above lol.

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Beautiful!!! Ah!