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New Taste of Chaos Tour Video


  • New Taste of Chaos Tour Video

    Catch this exclusive interview on and watch the guys walk onstage at Wembley Arena on the Taste of Chaos Tour.

    Posted 2011-01-20 18:22
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on January 20, 2011

Catch this exclusive interview on and watch the guys walk onstage at Wembley Arena on the Taste of Chaos Tour.


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This is a very useful resource noticeable that you provide. Thank you!

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I don't want this band to turn into U2, I want them to stay connected to the fans. When you see them live they really give their all. I realize they want to play smaller places this tour, but don't forget Chicago. Never forget where you came from and who you really are. Good Luck with the tour.

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And no, i am not doing this to be an asshole, i'm doing this for the good of my brothers, my sisters, my blood all across the planet. Don't let anyone hide from the inspirational message of your music. Your music as changed me as a person for the better and i truly appreciate what it has done for my life. I just hope as many people can be as positively influenced by your music as i have. I hope u share my vision. I could carry on a conversation with you for hours. You are a great person and though im going to continue to spread the word of your greatness, ill try not to deify you.

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Like seriously, do you actually take these shows seriously? Come on, you should be playing in venues like the Staples Center and Madison Square Garden and should be headlining past bands such as Coldplay, U2, and any other waste of space band out there. I see through your music that our minds truely think alike. Quit taking the stage that your at as a band so seriously and grow past the realms of possibility you have limited yourselves to over the past decade.

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David, im simply not going to pander to you or these mindless fans that post comments on this site, youtube, ext. You are the greatest act in music history. Why you keep going out and blowing out your voice for tours like this i still do not know. Your 37 now, get real. Im a 16 year old from Long Beach, California. I saw your concert with Avenged Sevenfold in Irvine, but thats beside the point. I don't understand your complacence in only have 11 million album sales worldwide. Please message me and let me help you show the world the true beauty and genius of your work.

perfectly insane bdub .'s picture

when r u all coming to Louisville, KY! come on please!

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We are Fucking ready for you Badasses in PORTLAND OREGON---ASYLUM KICKS ASS,,,,,caTeR

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Counting the days.... Feb.1 Winston-Salem NC. You guys are THE standard for metal today. Can't wait to "share some love" in the pit.

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As a Australian Air Force Soldier, thank you guys. I can't wait till April when you are down in Adelaide Australia.
Keep Pumping out the Tunes and Thank you once again.

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as a U.S. Army Soldier, I just want to say thank you to the band. You guys rock, and the fact that you give me and my brother's and sister's recognition, we love you, and when you exercise your freedom of speech it makes us feel like what we do is worth something. keep rocking , and thanks for your support