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Exclusive New Live Photos


Disturbed1 Team's picture
on February 03, 2011

New live pictures from the Monster Energy Music as a Weapon 5 Tour have been added to the Photo Gallery. Check them out and leave your comments below.

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paradiseeeo's picture

We will wait till june... Because we are disturbed!

serser1_3351's picture

Thank for coming to Poland! I MUST see You!

Xaero's picture

Guys, you have no idea, how much of the sickness have you spread by announcing the concert in Poland :) people are going mad to get the tickets while they're still available, after so many years polish fanbase has finally been heard, and will meet in june to break out of asylum with you!

Keep rocking forever, don't ever stop! And thank you very much for making such an awesome possibility for us! :D

bettayetta's picture

Fayetteville NC- smaller venue, Big show! In This Moment- good screaming metal, Sevendust- Rocked the house, KORN- Bodyslammed our brains! DISTURBED - Attacked us with Ammo from all sides! Every Band came out with guns Blazing! BEST time I've ever had at a show! Thanks Everybody!