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More Music as a Weapon Tour Photos


Disturbed1 Team's picture
on February 28, 2011

New live pictures from the Monster Energy Music as a Weapon 5 Tour have been added to the Photo Gallery. Check them out and leave your comments below.

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Kearley84's picture

You guys should put a St.Johns Newfoundland(Canada) date on the tour, I know a lot of people here would LOVE it if you did :) Halifax is expensive to get to from here :(

white_tiger8158's picture

I saw you guys In Lubbck Tx. You guys are fucking good. I really loved the show it was bad ass. For a first timer to go to a concert. I love you guys, keep it up, your music is so powerful.

Impure Soul's picture

I sense a live DVD coming up...
Why would Disturbed have a wide-angle camera so strategically positioned? Looks like a shot right out of a proffesionally-recorded live show to me.

DMZMetal's picture

They should make a DVD of this tour, maybe a live Cd/DVD package the lighting is great and it would be something that you could watch over and over again. Love the pictures.

joab hernandez's picture

you guys should make korn come back to Green Bay and im very dissapointed you guys arent coming back to Green Bay with the music as a weapon is where you guys started back in 2000 remember your begining.