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New Music as a Weapon Tour Photos


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on March 14, 2011

New live pictures from the Monster Energy Music as a Weapon 5 Tour have been added to the Photo Gallery. Check them out and leave your comments below.

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dudes you fucking rock!

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~Damn I hAd a BlasT toDay to watch you GuyZ IN pErSon was incredible!!!! This was a coNCErt that I wont forget !!!! I took my SOn to see you guyz HEre in YaKima and he said that you GUYZ ROCKED!!!! Keep up da Good work and hope to see you SOOOOOOOOOON!!!!~

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thank you for your post

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You guys were so bad a**!!! I wish I would've been brave enough to be up front..definitely next time!! Oh, and Dave, you're only a year older than me and well, we aren't old at all!!

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Your not old until you are 90.

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I was up front last night You guys were amazing! Happy birthday David. Don't worry we all get old if we live long enough. You Rock!!!