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The Vengeful One

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on June 24, 2015
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So I'm no longer sure what to think about one of my favorite bands. When they announced the album release show I was super disappointed that I could not attend the show, due to a prior engagement. However, I had a friend Thomas Todd Roush that wanted to attend. He could not purchase tickets the day they went on sale, so I told him I would try to get him a pair of tickets. I was successful in buying two ticket through Ticketmaster. I chose mail delivery and read on the ticket page that there would be a delivery delay due to make sure people abided by the ticket limit. I was fine with that, I could still get Tom the tickets in time. A week or so later Ticketmaster informed me through e-mail that the show had been changed to will call only. I contacted them multiple times explaining the situation, and Ticketmaster refused to help. Basically, I had to show up at will call, and had to attend the show or the tickets would go to waste. If I had known that this was the stipulations I would have told Tom I couldn't buy the tickets for him. After exhausting my options with Ticketmaster, I reached out to Disturbed. Disturbed apologized for the mix up with Ticketmaster, and offered a solution of adding Tom +1 to their guest list for the show. This was great for me and Tom. He could go, and I wouldn't lose the money I spent on tickets. So the day of the show arrived. Tom and his friend drove 3.5 hours from Indiana up to the show. Upon arrival Tom finds out that his name is not on the guest list, and after explaining the situation to will call they told him to have me reach out to Disturbed once again. I am at a prior engagement, but find a location where I message Disturbed through Facebook, twitter, and e-mail. I hear nothing back. I send Tom pictures of my license, the Facebook conversation I had with Disturbed, anything I can think of to help. He is repeatedly turned down at the venue. So after driving 3.5 hours and spending money on tickets he still couldn't get in

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love it! great job

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