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Disturbed live - Get "The Lost Children" this Tuesday!


Disturbed live - Get "The Lost Children" this Tuesday!
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Who is this in this photogrpah ? Its just mind blowing. Great Work

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Something i don’t do enough of is comment on the same topic i have just written about based on my own personal experience.

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Personally, i don’t think its a great idea to use your company, business, product or service name in the comment author’s name field. In my opinion, this is spammy.

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you are just awe-some that you managed to create such a beautiful content

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Love their style, love their vocal and instrumental mastery. One of the bands that most definitely carried me through my teens. Lost Children is a treasure horde of their b-side tracks for the past decade, the track “Mine” being the only exception.

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Wow how amazingly they have performed on the stage. I think this is a tribute for all the children who have been lost at a small age. The audience was rushing in to the stage. The CDs and DVDs are now available.