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Atlantic City, NJ


Atlantic City, NJ
Atlantic City, NJ
House of Blues
Sun, 2011-01-30
January 30, 2011
Atlantic City


StoneColdDisturbed's picture

Congrats on bringing a future Disturbed One into the world! and happy birthday!'s picture

Cannot wait to see this show! My daughter was just born and I just turned 38. What a way to celebrate!

ishybutterfly's picture

I'm headed from CT to Atlantic City to see Disturbed for the Jan 30th show. 1 week after my 38th birthday...Happy Birthday to me!!

shinigami6923's picture

I've been trying so hard to find the password for the presale and I don't know what else to do....does anyone know it?

Do0dles27's picture

Does anyone know the password fot the presale thats going on today?

NobleWingZero's picture

RoxyS2010, you can go to and buy them online. that's what i did for the last one and you can either have them sent to you or print them out, which i think its better to do that last one. i just looked, its just an estimate, but it looks like its $73-$83.

RoxyS2010's picture

KoGWingZero :
Do you happen to know if they will be available for purchase over the phone? or do we have to go to the box office?. Also, any idea on the price for the tix?. Thanks in advance! I caught Korn @ the Mayhem Festival over the summer and they rocked!!!! ;O)

NobleWingZero's picture

RoxyS2010, the tickets don't go on sale till this Saturday. believe me im excited for this as you are since they canceled the one from last month cuz David got sick.

RoxyS2010's picture

Does anyone know where the tickets for this event will be sold from and for how much?. I have searched and searched and Ticketmaster doesn't even have them listed for this date. Thanks in advance!

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