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Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Mon, 2010-11-22
November 22, 2010


Musicasaweapon's picture

fucking great show yesterday! hope to see u soon back in berlin :D we all are DISTURBED!

swirus666's picture

Merowing has right. Visit Poland. We are waiting for you for so long :/ But if you don't want to visit Poland, Poland will visit you in columbiahalle :D

Musicasaweapon's picture

4 days till Berlin will be infected :D

Merowing's picture

Don't go to Germany, visit POLAND !!! U Will see real infected with the sickness ppl :D

NoctiVagus's picture

Finally got my ticket! Will be seeing you on November 22nd, no matter what \m/

Lauri7x3's picture

OMFG!!! Finaly i will be on a Disturbed fucking concert!!!

Trigger's picture

I must be there =) anyone knows how many hours Disturbed will be play?

Dark Memory's picture

That is simply a lie...The very moment I leave my holiday in Berlin, Disturbed shows up :(

Musicasaweapon's picture

ahh can't wait for that :D count the days! <3 Disturbed

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