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Birmingham, UK


Birmingham, UK
Birmingham, UK
National Indoor Arena
Tue, 2010-12-07
December 07, 2010


hannahl326's picture

i thought you were amazing hope you tour in uk again soon :P

jady snap's picture

u was fooking ace!!!!

The Curse 99's picture

You kicked ass! Best night of 2010 :D

WhyMe's picture

yer about midnight it will finish

gingerninja66's picture

Anyone know approx what time it finishes? need to know to arrange travel >_< also would be awesome to hear meaning of life \m/ =D

mch1984's picture

I'm there,just waitin for the tickets

Bendude_Sk8's picture

I've got tickets! Wooo! Gonna fly over from Ireland and I'm gonna get Down With The Sickness!

ravid's picture

Please please please come to Israel!

jady snap's picture

"Im there " just waitin 4 the tickets !! ta adam your the best !!! :) :) :) can't wait

norrie5a's picture

coming for Belfast to see them really cant wait its going to be one hell of a night well weekend lol

METALMAN1963's picture

comin from northern ireland to c the show cant wait

marco uk's picture

glad that disturbed are coming to brum. my first chance to see david and the guys. can't wait.

WhyMe's picture

I booked tickets omg can't F****ING WAIT!

isabelablake's picture


Brett's picture

Hellz yeah im defo comming to this show :D

The Curse 99's picture

Im there ;D

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