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Toronto, ON


Toronto, ON
Toronto, ON
Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Wed, 2010-08-25
August 25, 2010


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I greatly enjoyed the show! Man, I have to see Disturbed in concert where it's just them and no filler! LOL.

I cannot wait for you guys to come back to Toronto. premium wp themes

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I can't wait to see Disturbed. I have been listening to them on my new hhgregg surround sound system and my house shakes on some of the songs. I can't imagine what they would be like to hear in person. Toronto is only a 5 hour drive from hear. I need to get my passport updated and then I am going.

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Awesome night, I greatly enjoyed the show! Man, I have to see Disturbed in concert where it's just them and no filler! LOL.

I cannot wait for you guys to come back to Toronto.

Best birthday ever!

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can't wait to see you guys live going to be fucking epic hope every1 that goes has a wicked time
down with the sickness

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I hope I can see them :D without my mother :'(

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I don't see an ottawa show listed...

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I don't see a Montreal show listed???

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im expecting an amazing show and i know you guys wont dissapoint.

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Ya, im going into a medically induced coma until this date. I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!!!

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Next week! OOOOH YEAH! Can't wait!


Sick, seen your show last year and it was crazy, since this new album you guys say is sopposed to be the best one yet im hopin this year is the best show ever. Cant wait for to see you guys in TO!!!


Please please please come back to New Zealand!!!! i missed out on tickets last time but i'll be the 1st this time i swear to god lol :D

samuelfreak661's picture

I swear to come if you give me your signature.. if from Montreal.. damn it ><

EmoKid1994's picture

WOOT!!! Can't wait to see you guys there!


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