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Sacramento, CA


Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA
Sleep Train Amphitheater
Wed, 2010-09-22
September 22, 2010


Patty Reynoso's picture

I tried calling Loveline's could not get thru. I wanted to talk to David & Dr. Drew. I was hoping to get VIP tickets to meet the band. However I did get tickets for the show, but not the same when you actually get to meet the band!

turbostitchcw's picture

This will be my 3rd Disturbed show!!! I'm totally stoked! Does anyone here know how someone would go about getting a backstage pass or have a chance to meet the band? I have something that I would really like to get autographed, but if there's no chance of meeting them, I'll just leave it at home and not run the risk of getting jumped for it...

rmnormand_8404's picture

This will be my fourth time seeing Disturbed and each show was awesome. I really love there new cd, it rivals their first cd as my favorite.

Mopet's picture

SAME HERE, MY FIRST TIME SEEING DISTURBED :) hope i can go. but does anyone know how long you have to wait for the pit spot, to get closer to disturbed?

FRANC5's picture

first time ill see disturbed. long time fan. IM SO EXCITED!! i swear to satan i will crowd surf.


ChaseTheGuy's picture

yah same here this will be my first concert and i cant wait till it happens

stricken_grrl's picture

It'll be my first concert. Love how I get to see my favorite band live. I have pit tickets. A friend of mine said to go two hours before the show your seeing, to get parking and stuff. That true?

zkull's picture


kenji666's picture

man, i better be able to go to this!!!! i'll be super pissed if i can't! >.<

Sahil8900's picture

OH MAN, I'm hella excited for it!

Evil Happy Face's picture

i kno me too!!! im so excited to see them

stricken_grrl's picture

Can't wait for this!!!

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