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Seattle, WA


Seattle, WA
Seattle, WA
White River Amphitheatre
Sat, 2010-09-25
September 25, 2010


HeyRay2's picture

Aside from David's voice having a little trouble (beeing singing every night strait for a week, gotta expect it to go out from time to time), I thought their performance was great.

I too was disappointed in the 1 hour set by Disturbed but it's actually not their fault. There is a 11:00pm noise ordinance in effect @ WhiteRiver Amphitheatre which is why they rushed off stage so quickly, didn't get to thank the audience, and didn't get to do an encore.

Can't wait to see Disturbed again, hopefully at the Gorge so the rocking can go all out all night!

spiffy's picture

I loved the concert, definately could sense some stress in David's voice....but I will always keep coming back, there is not a lot they could do to deter me.

IAMDISTURBED19's picture

I agree with barista67. I have been into Disturbed since the beginning. My son now loves them too and this was his second ever concert. Afterwards, he was disappointed they only played an hour (less time than Avenged Sevenfold played!) and also noticed his voice cracking. I explained David's vocals may be tougher duplicate live. Overall, the band did not seem to have any energy whatsoever. The juice in the crowd was carryover from AX7. I wasn't even a fan of AX7 but they, at least, put on a great show. We drove over 200 miles each way from Oregon (listening to all 5 Disturbed CD's) and arrived home at 3 a.m. We put in our part, why couldn't Disturbed? I will continue to buy the studio produced CD's. You probably won't see me again at a show. You probably don't care either.

barista67's picture

went to the show last night and have to say, i was very disappointed.....david's voice kept cracking and it was almost like he was forgetting the words. this is the 2nd time i've seen disturbed live and both times they only played for an hour....the first time i saw them, which i flew from seattle to san fran, was their ten thousand fists tour and david was sick....i was just happy to see them and they didn't cancel.....last night, with them being the headliner, i expected them to play longer than an hour, and they didn't. they didn't even thank the fans, bow, or do an encore. i love disturbed and especially their new cd.....but i'm hoping they perform better on their next tour....they haven't lost me yet.

Glorya's picture

Yay, two weeks left. Hopefully my husband can make it back home in time to go with me!

The Broken's picture

I'm going!!!!! Can't frigging wait!!!!

theHammr's picture

We'll be is Sea-town that weekend. Some kind of coincidence? I think NOT! My metal-drummer aura is inexplicably linked with music-that-rulez & DISTURBED is a link in that chain. Just pre-ordered the Limited Edition ASYLUM CD/DVD set... (holding my breath) HORNS UP!!!

Witchy Women's picture

Spellbound!!!!!! This year I'm bringing my son Devin Isaiah.

My Love, This what we have been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laughlink4's picture

Iam definetly going to this AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

teague88's picture

cant WAIT!! soooooooo excited DiStUrBeD 4 LiFe

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