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Madison, WI


Madison, WI
Madison, WI
Alliant Energy Center Memorial Coliseum
Mon, 2010-10-04
October 04, 2010


Darkruler1's picture

Actually got to witness this kick-ass concert in Madison with Disturbed where they finished out the show with explosive drums & riffs and David's growling menacing voice brought nearly the entire crowd on their feet with fists in the air! The ultimate Highlight of the night was to incredibly play Texas Hold-em Poker with all these awesome guys as part of a Local Radio Station's Contest Grand Prize where they were nothing but true professional showmen and Hella-Good Poker players too! Best time at a Concert Hands-Down Ever!! Thanks Guys!

rkbl's picture

they were in chicago!

aargos's picture

too bad you goes are skipping Chicago
I'll try to make this show

fondycards53's picture

I would totally go to this show, but alas, im currently in england. I've been listenting to Disturbed since the beginning. I remember when i first heard Stupify walking to school with my buddy one day and listening to that album every day for months after. Damn, i wanna go to this show

i_am_truly_disturbed's picture

to bad this is not on the weekend. ive been a disturbed fan for about 3-4 years now and for my birthday i was going to go to this concert but since its during the week day i am not aloowed to.

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