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Dusseldorf, Germany


Dusseldorf, Germany
Dusseldorf, Germany
Wed, 2010-12-01
December 01, 2010


Motti's picture

so fucking great!
loved this concert - first time ive seen disturbed live :o and i loved it!
awesome show!

metalmicha's picture

this was a fucking great Taste of Chaos Tour ! i Love you Disturbed !
i hope you really come back to germany in the spring ;)
Liberate was nice :)

King of Sorrow's picture

this was my first disturbed concert
i loved it
when disturbed began to play my heart was pumping very very fast:)
i never felt so happy =)
i will go to the next disturbed concert in germany
please please please please please please please please please come back soon *_*
p.s: the intro was really really really cool ;)

blackelegance's picture

yay! I'm in Canada right now! I've seen them in Toronto :D
I want to see the concerts at home :( Have fun everybody. Concert in Toronto was amazing!!!

.Roxy.'s picture

that will be so amazing!!
thats the best Christmas present i´ve ever get!!!!!
i´m so excited :)))))))

metalmicha's picture

they must play Deify, The Animal and Stricken ! I cant wait to see them my first time!

Racaha's picture

yeah, man: first time for me to see disturbed live!!!!!!! =)
cant wait until they play their first fucking great song!!!!!
love the new album ;)

raffa's picture

yyyyeeeeeaaaahhhh :-) !

Roxx.'s picture

It will be a great Part of this year 2010!!
Ist so fucking awesome to see them again, maybe it will be so nice like Praha last Year.. :D

Greetz, Roxx.

Texx's picture

I want to be there! But my friends either have no money or are listening to another kind of music (stupid right?=D)

Kempstar's picture

And again Dusseldorf.... fuckin NICE!!
Will be the second time and i cant wait \m/Oo\m/

julian1994's picture

It will be awesome!
Can't wait to see you guys the first time \m/

Roxx.'s picture

Yes!! They come...
It wil be a Great Party ;)

drumster's picture

YES!! i'm going.i'm counting the days.

Not going anymore. I'm going to the concert in Amsterdam.YES!!
Does anyone want the tickets for this concert??
let me know. bit much to go to 2 concerts in 2 days in 2 countrys.

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