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Glasgow, UK


Glasgow, UK
Glasgow, UK
Sat, 2010-12-11
December 11, 2010


Hellion101's picture

That gig was fuckin great, disturbed were amazing

jackster's picture

All I can say.... totally fucking banging..... blown away..... \m/ \m/ .... can't wait to see your awesomeness again..

Jordi Diez's picture

Got my tickets today can't wait to go

Yoruichi's picture

It'll be my first time seeing them and am so excited I really can't wait,

garasan67's picture

totally agree awesome gig in newcastle when i saw them haven't got the time off would love to see them come back

Millster's picture

I'm coming to this but i have to ask...where the fuck is the newcastle gig!! ( i live there) Rockstar:ToC came here last year so why not again?

martin's picture

cant wait, goona have me a good time..

ico's picture

fen feckin tastic \m/

Hellion101's picture

Ordered me tickets YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

The_Little_Chris's picture

I've ordered my ticket for it. I love these gigs, always awesome.

Ch405_7h30ry's picture

Bring it on ^_^ canna wait

Hellion101's picture

This is gunna be awesome XDXDXD

sharri's picture

Can't wait :)))

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