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Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Mon, 2010-11-15
November 15, 2010


Ossi's picture

That finnish flag after indestructible was superb! Thanks!

AlreadyInsain's picture

Does anyone have setlist in somewhere? Disturbed you realy rock, I'd like to hear Liberate, Perfect Insainity and the Night!!!!!

Adelheid's picture

Sinne siis! :)) Thanks for coming to Finland! You really rock guys!!! :)))

torakka81's picture

Lippu vihdoin hankittu!!!

Ghostrider7's picture


karhari's picture

Less than 2 weeks to go! Ooh, I can't wait.. it's gonna be awesome! You're the best live band ever!

Mid's picture

Will you come to Warsaw, Poland? You got lot of fans here in whole Poland!

Yami's picture

Come to Romania!

ravid's picture

Please please please come to ISRAEL!

alremul's picture

When will you come to St. louis, missouri? Or somewhere near there. I wanna se you guys live!

Angelina's picture

when will you come to Moscow, Russia? we're waiting you...

Dmnhntr016508's picture

This sux, Long time Disturbed fan first time I could of seen them in concert since I joined the usmc. I hope David gets to feeling better and starts getting out there and kicking some ass for now I'm rockin out the new album....Take care guys


Garrett1's picture

Just saw that Disturbed canceled their shows in New England back in the states, wicked depressing considering I looking forward to seeing them live to my birthday.

Almost worth it to go to Finland to see them. Oh well.. next year I guess.

Perfect_Insanity94's picture

Please come in Italy! please please please please please please!!!!!

Living_in_Asylum's picture

i wanna see old songs too lierate , down with the sickness i wanna see them all songs im crazy about disturbed

Living_in_Asylum's picture

mailman paras bändi koskaan !!!!!

Living_in_Asylum's picture

mä meen ainakin kattooo and dist urbed please play asylum

splatt1's picture

Tallinn ! Tallinn ! You just have to come to Tallinn

Belfigor16's picture

why not Russia?!((((( In Russia a lol of fans

mrhevi's picture

Just bought tickets. They were almost sold out...

Sami_Isokallio's picture

Buying tickets monday. Hope there are still left

Mixaus's picture

ticket selling services aren't working.. I'm mad.. I wanna buy a ticket goddammit!!!

Mixaus's picture

miks helvetissä toi ei toimi? tai siis se ei löydä sielt disturbedii ollenkaa.. perkele!

WineeX's picture

Its great to see you again , thank you for not forgot finland !

Sami_Isokallio's picture

Oh my god!! Never thought this day would come!

Wander's picture

Tickets bought, see you there \m/

White-De4th's picture

See you there Disturbed!!

splatt1's picture

You neglected Tallinn, Estonia ;((((
Its just south of Helsinki
Noooooooo ;(

23homeros's picture

See ya there Disturbed! \,,/
Disturbed will make a fucking great concert in Helsinki


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