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Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV
The Joint
Sat, 2011-03-12
March 12, 2011
Las Vegas


akara's picture

OMG I was looking forward to seeing you guys!! I'm so sad tickets are already sold out!! We will show up anyway just in case there is some tickets for sale. I hope I get to see you!!!

SavageHoyden's picture

No meet and greets this tour?? :-/

Robyn D Craydle's picture

Live in vegas ,Rock in Vegas, Be Disturbed in Vegas, i will be all 3 when they get here and kick ass at the Joint inside the HardRock Hotel Hell yea!!!!!!!!!!

LTRed's picture

Nasty rumor going around that Disturbed is canceling their up coming tours, due to Dave's throat! I hope it's nothing serious, from what's going around rumor wise, if u continue to sing your gonna lose that golden voice? A little confused here, if anyone knows what's up, let it be shared please. Thanks...

Jacey82's picture

AEGMUS works.... finally found one!! See ya'll at the show!!

percy005's picture

Im looking for presale codes too, any luck?

Jacey82's picture

I don't know but I'm looking for codes too!!!

James Feld's picture

how do you get presale codes?

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