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Manchester, UK


Manchester, UK
Manchester, UK
Sun, 2010-12-12
December 12, 2010


Ruth's picture

You were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! i loved every second of it apart from buck cherry!! Come back!!!!!!!!!! i have waited since i was 7 for this an it was well worth it!!!!!!!!

seandisturbed's picture

Best band ever, you guys were absolutely fantastic last night, loved it, sang along to all your songs when i had the energy, simply amazing!

BoBdOg's picture

YOU GUYS FUCKING ROCKED LASTNIGHT! THANK YOU!!! Absoloutley fucking amazing!!! \m/

kalwarbo2010's picture


dartho's picture

this is gonna blow some minds FUCK YEAH \m/

dartho's picture

this is gonna blow some minds FUCK YEAH \m/

syrren's picture

wish the 12th would hurry up and come! Got tickets for my birthday! Now that has to be the best present EVER!!!

disturbed11s's picture

please come to Russia!!! Here you have a lot of fans!

Alex Montoya's picture

Please come to Colombia!!!!!

ravid's picture

Please please please come to ISRAEL!

Starrk's picture

PLEASE come to poland.
Warsaw or Łódź

Irish-king's picture

IRELAND come on, go to the O2 in Dublin or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joepower30's picture

I am there got my tickets :P

Johnl613's picture

Ill will try my best to be there!

mik_chik's picture

i agree...when are you guys coming to AUSTRALIA!!?!

zackfair888's picture

AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!! i want to see them NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! god its so boring without them. i need to hear them

PiNkA's picture

.. Yeah, come to Ireland to Dublin .... please!!

Irish-king's picture

Why aren't you guys coming to Ireland? :(

Parker_Is_Disturbed_2008's picture

they should come back to newcastle, last time they played was at the Carling academy (now 02 academy) back in "06 =(

TheTapo's picture

I went to the last one in manchester let me just say 'WOW' best night of my life, can't wait to be here, lets just hope tickets dont sell out before i get the chance to buy some.

Random Rs's picture

hmmmm me thinks ill be in attendance, after all it will be my birthday....what better to celebrate than by attending this!!!!! only way be better is if they come back to Dublin

Klh06's picture

Damn Right!! Its definitely been a long wait, but it'll be worth it. And that's not a question!

SpannerMunky76's picture

attendance is not optional... its required. ive been waiting so long for some UK dates. lets bring em back in style!

MurtaMac's picture

Oh hell yea!!! I was waiting for the announcement of the Manchester date!!! \,,/

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