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Noblesville, IN


Noblesville, IN
Noblesville, IN
Verizon Wireless Music Center
Sun, 2011-08-07
August 07, 2011


jasmine729's picture

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SeriouslyDisturbedMan's picture

I just might go rock star style in the V.I.P.!! Then you might just find me in the pit amidst the rest of my insane brothers and sisters!!

POPS's picture

It's time to kick Ass in Indy again. Thanks Boyz

Sandee88's picture

I am hoping to take my 13 year old son for his 14th birthday party to this concert.... We both love DISTURBED AND GODSMACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parasite_1993's picture

Hoping to make Disturbed my first concert experience. Thank God they are finally coming back through Indiana!

NightRider14k's picture

cant wait for this its on my fucking b day best gift i can get from my friend his buy'n me mosh tickets can wait

JCMILES2003's picture

FUCKIN AYE! DEFINITELY GONNA BE THERE! Havent been able to catch Disturbed live yet, well now I am!

Xzoir's picture

FORGET Justin Bieber! FORGET Lady Gaga, FORGET Eminem. It's time for Disturbed to be noticed in not just in Indiana and the rest of the U.S. but the WHOLE WORLD!!!

shaggyballs's picture

dude no fucking way i have been waiting for Disturbed to come back to Indiana so i can see them.

Demon of Disturbed's picture

Can't Fucking Wait! Jobless right now but somehow i will see Disturbed on my birthday! See ya in the mosh motherfuckers

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