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Nottingham, UK


Nottingham, UK
Nottingham, UK
Trent FM Arena
Mon, 2010-12-13
December 13, 2010


Marta Owl's picture

Why not a Barcelona date? We love you here guys, come to Barcelona!!!

sergiogabi99's picture

disturbed please come to Brazil, we need good songs here equal to their
I am a big fan of you, I follow the work of 2000 bear ^ ^, David Draiman BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD! I have their whole discography on my phone ^ ^ best band in the world <3

by: Sergio Gabriel

Remember13's picture

Please Disturbed come in France we want you!!!
You're the best band ever \m/

CaRAltair's picture

Disturbed....please come in Bucharest,Romania....pleaaaaaaaase....if i see your concert...if i listen live your songs....i may die happy...please come in are a lot of people that waits for you to please come....DISTURBED KICK ASS!!!VIVA LA SICKNESS!!!\m/

kristmas666's picture

what good will your list-of-non-visited-countries bring to this site? Do you think that band members are in debt to every fan or something, and they owe every fan to shake his hand and kiss on the cheek? Be greatful for what you get, peace!

Guilherme's picture

May we make a list of "Contries That Disturbed Never Play?" or it is against the rules of the forum? And let's see how people in each contry, increase the number of your country or put the name of your contry with 1 vote if you don't find in the list.
Starting... if want, follow me...copy and paste only the list... try to vote once per person, let's do this right.

Brazil - 1 vote

S4creds0ul's picture

please guys come to israel i've been waiting since 3 years and will keep waiting till you come , plus draiman you said on a vid you will look forward to it :D will be waiting till you come
-Disturbed is best , Disturbed is a way of life.-

Cryssy's picture

Hey hey hey if Disturbed come to Europe why no visit Poland ; ] they was last time in 2003 with Manson suport.
In poland is so much fan of Disturbed but CD's is very expensive.
So i any menager read this > please make something to invite best band on world to Poland : ]

Sorry for my english, I know its not wery well.

ronnyguilher's picture


gridel turambar's picture


Gregorian's picture should come to Croatia again. But this time on some bigger place..."Boogaloo" club is limited capacity, and many people didn't get the ticket because of it. Respect...horns up!!!

drsy666's picture

What about the Croatian?? :P

Alex Montoya's picture

Please come to Colombia!!!!!

ravid's picture

Come to ISRAEL!

Perfect_Insanity94's picture

Please come in italy! Please come in italy!!! PLEASE !!!

Lazarus666's picture

This will be the first time ill have seen Disturbed live, seriously can't wait, gonna kick so much ass, ever since my ticket arrived time has gone SOOOOO slow, will without a doubt be one of the greatest experiences of my life!

wilsobomber's picture

Come to Australia guys! Saw you in Melbourne a couple of years back and it went mental! Come back and hit up Rod Laver arena this time!

guilherme costa's picture

I agree with guilherme, I am also from brazil and a very big fan and, and I also strongly agree that disturbed should come to brazil not only because I am brazillian but because we have such awesome and dedicated fans that are enough to fill up soccer stadiums. You guys are an amazing success here and once you discover how much success you are down here, you won't regret it. I'm sure if you guys from disturbed come to brazil, it will not only change our lives but it will also change your lives as artists because of the amazing experience that you'll have here. please come to brazil, we will be waiting and i'm sure some day you'll come.

Guilherme's picture

Disturbed needs to come here, in Brazil, your success here are amazing too! Try to put somewhere in Brazil in the next tour, you will see a lot of fans, much people and the place will become small. I'm studing english, so sorry by some wrong words.

briggsy597's picture

will be awsome !!!!!! cant wait

chrisjvale's picture


cowy97's picture

hopefully i can go. it will be awesome but bit annoyed other bands r gonna be there :(

bigward's picture

i will be attending as im doing the first-aid cover for it so hope i get to see them backstage

moderna1f4's picture

PLS come to holland

every band that i like is touring through entire europe but thwy never come to holland
and because i live in north holland i cant make it to belguim

jacksparrow-c91's picture

And Italy? Where is Italy? I'm going mad!!!

Jokernathan's picture

UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Austria ...
You HAVE to come to France or I will die !

XDBoy's picture

guis plis come to Greece!!! i am dieing to see u live

Jayce's picture

agreed....i LOVED seeing them at rock city...will be hard sharing them with more people!!! lol
Just got email teling me ticket is on way!!!
See ya there!

KEZCA's picture

in total agreement love rock city as a venue will miss them playing there this year

Gonzo's picture

I'll be going But it won't be the same as seeing them at Rock City!!!!!

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