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Oklahoma City, OK


Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
Zoo Amphitheatre
Tue, 2011-08-09
August 09, 2011
Oklahoma City


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everytime i try to buy tickets it gives me ones to dallas tx!!!!! =[

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I can not wait to see Disturbed on my turf. Last couple of shows I've had to travel, but it was worth it! Bought my tix the day the presale started. August 9th couldn't get here soon enough!

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im deployed and getting a pass just to go see them play cant wait!!!!

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Oklahoma City, Ok
Zoo Amphitheatre
tue, 2011-08-09
2011 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival............korn is doing the monster energy 5 tour with them not mayham

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korn will not be there this is mayham fest godsmack is headlineing this one you go to to find out your self if u think im a joke

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Ahh finally, you're coming to me instead of me going to you! LOL... I will definitely be there!

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I am absolutely going. I have a mandatory nursing class that day but I am skipping out early to be there. I always get VIP tickets and can't wait.

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I am DEFINITELY going to be there!!! :)

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I see you guys evertime you come to Oklahoma...waiting for ticket info.....First time seeing Korn can't wait. You guys ROCK

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