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Oslo, Norway


Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Fri, 2010-11-19
November 19, 2010


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i would love to come from iraq
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I love going to concerts ... I do have a big problem though..

After a while (and who knows how many beers down the throat) I find I have a tough time remembering if I was really there.

Anyone else feels the same? .. or am I just a freak that way?

Anton -- the party man

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Oh yea, please play the animal!!! Looking forward to the music video!!

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OMG I cant wait! I going to see them for the first time!!!! Wa-ca-ca-ca!

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Missed the fucken US tour
Heading to Norway(family there)!!!haha!!!

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Please play The Animal.....;)

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In Sweden it´s 13 year old...

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How old do people have to be to get in to the consert? Im over 18, but someone else isnt.. Help me? :)

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Shit, time goes slowly!:)
BTW, To all of you it would be fun to meet just before the gig, maybe a beer:)

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Thanx :)

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will fly from Latvia to experience DISTURBED live!!!
BTW, plz, Include Baltic States in next EU tour - lots of metal-heads here - ask Metallica if you don't believe! :D

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buy tickets online:

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Can someone here tell me where to get the tickets?!
The conserts after this show have them for sale.. I Need tickets :D I wanna die if I dont get some :O

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You have NO idea how much I'm looking forward to it!! I mean..last time I saw you was on Hove 2009, and now...HOLY SHIT CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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I take the car from Gothenburg!

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i would love to come from turkey :D

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I remember being at your first concert, man I couldn't talk for 3 days afterwards.
The best part was probably the mood just before the encore songs; all people inside the building stomped their feet's so you could feel the ground shaking!

Later I met you guys at Hove festivalen.

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