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Ottawa, ON


Ottawa, ON
Ottawa, ON
Wed, 2011-03-30
March 30, 2011


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You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.Event Tickets

ragingbullkiller's picture

Yea i know what a shame... But fuck it were still gana have one heck of a good time LOL!!!

Xtinktor's picture

Excited to see the show! ... it's just too bad that Sevendust won't be playing for us in Ottawa!

chevysforever's picture

jhesrgfljewhglksdugrsfjd I AM SO EXCITED !
i cant even put it in words

DisturedAnger101's picture

Got my tickets today! It's gonna be off the fucking charts! Can't wait to see you guys there! Disturbed 4 Ever!

chevysforever's picture

been waitin since the album came out fer a tour date in ottawa again guna be freaking amazing

noox101's picture

theres no age restrictions lol

KatThePilot's picture

Okay... This is just Sick!!

Is it true that its 19 up? what are the age restrictions?

someone please answer

haroon.crash's picture

2 GA tuckets baby ...... Can't wait!!!

ragingbullkiller's picture

lol i got 2 GA tickets i wish i had more friends that wanted to go but most of them are not into Disturbed... But yea i can't wait to go there its gana be awesome see yall there march 30!!!!

Msheppard's picture

4 General Admin tickets baby. Can't wait.

ragingbullkiller's picture

yes but i didnt know enough about the band disturbed at the time... Only song i would lisent to was down with the sickness which was the only song i known about them at the time.

noox101's picture

u know they were here in June of 2009

ragingbullkiller's picture

Finally i've bin waiting a long time for this and its finnally here. I always wanted to go see Disturbed live at moments it was a dream for me. Me and a bunch of friends are gana buy tickets for sure!!!

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Most excellent!

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