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Portland, ME


Portland, ME
Portland, ME
Cumberland County Civic Center
Sat, 2011-01-29
January 29, 2011


DawnOfTheDead74's picture

Cameras allowed????

typeomike13's picture

I'll be there!

Shanna H's picture

not too long ago you canceled a show in Boston, now Music As A Weapon starts up and you can't even be bothered to do a show here, WTF

disturbed_since_98's picture

I just got my tickets to this show. I am super excited! I really hope to finally meet these guys.

GTARuler1997's picture

Ugh! I wish I could go! I can't get the tickets though!

mathew4512's picture

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DisturbedFan92187's picture

I hope there's gonna be a meet and greet like there was in 2009!

DisturbedFan92187's picture

The presale code is WCYY

briank's picture

where is the presale code

briank's picture

anyone know where to find presale code?

jillmelzer's picture

where? please share so the rest of us can buy tix!

DisturbedFan92187's picture

Nevermind I found it. :)

DisturbedFan92187's picture

What is the Pre-Sale password? I have tried finding it everywhere but can't find anything about it.

bob723's picture

Cant wait to see them for the third time. each yeah gets better. I hope Seven Dust does a song with them like all the bands did at MAAW2

bob723's picture

Cant wait third time always put on a good show. Seven Dust is also fucking amazing I hope they do a song together like they did at MAAW2

angelrae_1129's picture

yeah i will most deffinetly be there!!!!! i have been waiting for this ohhh weeelllll only since the day after they left on 4/18/09... this is going to be a sick ass tour... this will mark my fith time seeing them and hopefully the forth time in the front row!!! Come on disturbed ones from portland Me, say it with me now WE ALL ARE DISTURBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dmarie65's picture

looking for presale code ... help!

rbuck's picture

Looking for the presale password??

aristotle's picture

presale password anyone?

darkchicken's picture

Sweet!!! cant wait. but why Korn??? I mean seriously so many better bands out there then freakin Korn!

laurieann131313's picture

i will so definatley be there too

iamdisturbed13's picture

Hell yeah this'll be my second time seeing Disturbed and it's gonna be so sick!

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