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Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Wed, 2010-11-17
November 17, 2010


da96mdn's picture

The critics in Sweden must be insane telling that it was a bad show, me and my wife had the best experience ever on a live band when you played, rock on Disturbed! :)

deli10's picture

Disturbed come to Poland

Check new Disturbed polish fans site

dall3n's picture

Was there yesterday and it was awsome! Never had such high expectations and it still blew my mind.

IZeta's picture

The concert in Sweden was the gratest fucking show I've aver seen thanx guys for making my and my boyfriends dream come true as the best show ever!

janosik19952's picture

As others fans in Poland - we beg you to come! Make dreams of thausands polish fans come true! POLAND SCREAMS: COME TO US!

Starrk's picture

PLEASE come to Poland
We love you DISTURBED

amseth's picture

Please!!! Come to Poland!!! I beg you Disturbed!!!

Hahofreak's picture

Awesome! Have orderd tickets, Disturbed, papa roach and buckcherry hell yeah!

Starrk's picture


da96mdn's picture

A good thing that global streaming internet music exist, otherwize I would not have heard of you outside Sweden. You play really great music and me and my wife are most excited to hear of you live in Stockholm.. we will be there :)

Lantzarn_96's picture

AWSOME finaly what i have waited for this

Celticrose's picture

Well they've missed New Zealand. Hopefully they'll get here. I just f'kn hope

RipperB1024's picture

Disturbed, Papa Roach, Stockholm, Hovet

Fuck it, im going!

Kirriko_095's picture

it´s gonna be GODLIKE poor fucker who are not going !!!:D

Calmen's picture

I remember the promise made at the 2008 show in Denmark, saying if the crowd kept growing they would keep coming back. Lets hope that they come back

Harte74's picture

Not Denmark?? Dammit. Missed them in 2008, and now they skip us entirely.. NOOOOO!!!

lozust's picture

Finally!!:D I'm so gonna be there!

Fengir's picture

Finally, I've been waiting for you guys to get back here :D
It's going to be legendary!

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