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Winterthur, Switzerland


Winterthur, Switzerland
Winterthur, Switzerland
Eishalle Deutweg
Fri, 2010-11-26
November 26, 2010


Kenpb's picture

does anybody know what songs will disturbed play on the concert ??

ravid's picture

Please please please come to ISRAEL!

PPS Kain's picture

Come to Italy :(((

RocketQueen's picture

Are you coming to Italy? ç_ç

SicknessSwitzerland's picture

hey :)

yea the tickets are on sale on (for this concert)


DothyTrunks's picture

Oh MY.... i hope it's for sure that you're coming to Switzerland, this is the closest to my home you'll ever come ... or maybe someday you will come to visit us in France ? anyway i just can't wait !! when are the tickets on sale ?? i don't want to miss it here !!!

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