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Decade of Disturbed Trailer

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on January 15, 2010
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Disturbed is always amazing me, they are all amazing musicians and have made the BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD since the first album. They are one of the first bands that got me into metal so I am very great full they introduced me to a whole world of great music. They sound amazing on their records and are beyond amazing live (if you haven't seen them see them!). Disturbed is the best band in the world and I have 100% confidence they will always be from now on until hundreds of years later. Keep on changing the world!

tj20072000's picture

Disturbed is one of the main reasons that I can get through whatever life throws at me. Their music can either amp me up or calm me down. I cannot say this for any other genre or group in the music nation. Some people go on a drinking bender when life brings them down, I listen to rock.. mostly Disturbed.
I want thank you guys for being what you are, a voice of reason and truth in a chaotic world. And I want to say that you are an inspiration to me, and that through your music I'm able to begin my fight from the bottom back to the top. Thank you

Hardy's picture

what song is playing during the first half of the video?


Yeah Disturbed is the best band the world has ever known!!!!!

Decayingblood's picture

NO band alive is better than Disturbed. They are the greatest band i've ever heard. their music speaks to me and i love it! Disturbed for life!!

brenda19's picture

love it

Darth mitchell's picture

This is one Sick vid!! It would be awesome to see them playing "Down with the Sickness" live! Hope to go to a concert of them in the near future!!!

shotgun killer's picture

that is a freakin sick ass video. it looked wild in the crouds but the only way to experience the real disturbed is to go to one of their kick ass concerts.

"Sweet shadow taking hold of the light
Another day has been devoured
Calling me away, begging the question

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