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Down With The Sickness

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on April 18, 2008
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Youtube gives me "This video is not available in your country."

After watching "Land of Confusion" Music Video (in another website), I can hardly believe this censorship is actually on purpose. I mean, Disturbed certainly wouldn't endorse this.

kaveira's picture

Aaaweesoomeeeee!!!! Disturbed gave me the greatest feeling at this moment just seeing the video!! Disturbed gave me the true reason to take my place inside the fire!!! Disturbed is the only band who kept on pushing the real meaning of life and true emotion inside my mind, heart and soul! Disturbed gave me the pure emotion to feel alive again! Disturbed gives me the flame of life every day... (Disturbed are the knights of fire!!!)

[peace 'n' life for all]

B-Burger's picture

I love every song off of the Sickness album, but this was by far, the best one on there

XoFEINDoX's picture

I love this song. i wonder how u got the idea Disturbed


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