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on April 18, 2008
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dehum4n1zed's picture

FUCK!!!! not this one too augh youtube sucks ass!!!

ShawnSig's picture

Why can't I watch this video? All videos on here say "This Video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG."

disturbed4ever63's picture

i think want is good an all but perfect in santy should take its spot on this web site better vid and a better fucking song out!!!!!!!!!

armyvetchick's picture

WOW! What a transformation! From hair and a str8 jacket to bald, goth metal and dead sexy! I WANT YOU DAVID!!!


metalhead77's picture

from the dvd they made in '02 called m.o.l. (aka meaning of life) they put the two clips together to help explain how want was the first song they wrote together and it was the song they played when david auditioned for the band\m/

a metalhead,a maggot,a disturbed one, but most importantly, an aggressive mother fucker!!!!!

rock on, stay sic, keep metal alive\m/

danstheman's picture

this video is on disturbed M.O.L.

chernazhena's picture

I had'nt seen this version,... like the mix of old and new together! I will be adding this to my collection Thanx for posting!

UnderMySkin2's picture

coming in for a landing.

Samuka's picture

Youtube gives me "This video is not available in your country."

After watching "Land of Confusion" Music Video (in another website), I can hardly believe this censorship is actually on purpose.

I mean, Disturbed certainly wouldn't endorse this.

Adenn StormWolf's picture

Great Compilation of clips and such.

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philiptarrant's picture

Nicely compiled live clips, with good lip-syncing! truly impressive

TDO & TPO certified

"Run away from the soulless heartless fiends who hound you!"

<3 tlryfa <3

iNsIdEtHeFiRe's picture

i didnt know there was a video for this song till now sweet this song fuckin rules

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