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Fan Photo by Sinfulhype


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on October 04, 2010

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New update, my merch shop, will be open- Nov 23rd 2012 on Black Friday;in Tacoma USA!
I am doing local bands, as well as national types; loved to see if you- got merch we could sell for you or your friend's group...
ps mail merch is fine too!
if out of state we do Acts oversea as well as out of state...
Also, doing meeting all day next Wednesday starting @ 11am to 7pm
So, if free it will be @ Tully's Coffee
764 Broadway, Tacoma, WA
Thanks for waiting...

loved to get some stuff
From Disturbed...........

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Hey disturbed, Tim Dearlove here from pgh pa, hey i dont know if u guys may of thought about this for future tours or not but im just gonna throw the idea out there and if u want to run with it then great.. i know u have the whole video presentation with your sets production which i think is fucking awesome as hell to go along with each song and all.. but eventually how bout bring "the guy" to a real life perspective.. hire someone or bring someone in to actually become "the guy" not sure if this is even possible but im sure anything might b possible with make up and shit. and with technology.. believe me i know the production u guys have now is really fucking cool it really is... but i remember when my wife heidi was telling me about the old days of guns n roses and how everyone would alway show up to their shows cause u never knew when axle would do something crazy for entertainment...whtever would happen crazy shit u know... i also remember how i heard in a previous interview how your average show is for about 10-15 thousand in the crowd... sometimes 20 thousand.. i think the whole video presentation is a very kool thing to keep but in the future perhaps maybe bring "the guy" to real life to up the anty somehow... anyways its just an idea ive been thinkin bout for a while.. i was kinda debating on weather to suggest it or not but who knows its just an idea u never know when a good idea may pop up! anyways David, Dan, Mike and John hope you guys are doin well and i hope disturbed truly does last forever! your music has helped me in alot of ways! i thank you for that! thnks for your time

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I went to the Mayheim Festival in Camden, NJ last night (and was in the front row! ) and while all of bands were great, Disturbed was AWESOME as usual but I was distraught to learn that there may be no more Disturbed going forward. PLEASE SAY IT AIN'T SO! I am absolutely addicted to Disturbed and can't imagine not going to another concert to you! Please guys, take a break for awhile then COME BACK TO US, WE NEED YOU!! You can just spread the sickness then leave us, its not fair! :-( sad Disturbed fan!