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Shout 2000


Shout 2000
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on April 09, 2008
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EvaCCerda1111's picture

You may have not made it popular because you didn't put it out there but you actually made it cool and sound cool. his was done out of concededness too so that made it stupider .but yours is still coolest ever.

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†_ღ_۞_ღ_†'s picture

Shout, one of the most amazing songs ever.

AlwaysAtractiv's picture

Shout is my fav song :XXxX

EvaCCerda1111's picture

loved the original. you did a especially wonderful job on the cover. nice work i think it's better than the original. love you David.

EvaCCerda1111's picture

never thought anyone could make ice ice baby cool and sound cool !! awesome work on the cover David. love you.!

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