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Disturbed Song Battle!


  • Disturbed Song Battle!

    What song do you like better?

    The Night or Deceiver

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-05-16 17:07
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on May 16, 2009

What song do you like better?

The Night or Deceiver

Leave a comment with your pick below

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rmann27's picture

tough call

Astralwolf's picture

Ooh! Thats a hard one!?

I'd have to go with Deceiver because it sounds like my life!

Natej's picture

The night,bring him and kill him.

bonechill24's picture

The Night. Dan's solo is captivating and the melodic nature of the song is kick ass

ShadowDude16's picture

The Night all the way! My favorite Disturbed song.

LadyCorruption's picture

I pick The Night. For some reason that song gets to me every time I hear it. I don't know what it is. The video is worse. I can't explain it. I love that song and video.

venom247's picture

that's a tough call, but deceiver is a little bit more upbeat.

Tyler5353's picture

there both really good songs but i think deciever is better. the night is slow and more melodic. deciever is a little more fast and i like the drums better.

Luna's picture

I love all the songs on this CD, but between the two, The Night kicks ass!

IamDisturbed's picture

The Night's one of the best songs ever recorded. Deciever is great, but nowhere near as good as The Night.

iamdisturbed13's picture

The Night is definitely the better song here. Personally I think The Night is the best song ever.

Ben's picture

Deceiver is great but Dan's epic solo and David's lyrics make The Night one of Disturbed's greatest songs.

rfarmer52's picture

If I have to pick between those two, then definately The Night. However, I think that Haunted is the strongest song on the entire album and should be the bands next single!

off_the_wallz's picture

The Night becuz the intro is legendary!!

Dagonar's picture

The Night is the better, because of the best solo Dan's ever done!
But, Deciever is a really great song too!

Danya's picture

The Night!

Wing Zero Pilot's picture

The Night is my favorite song from the album so I obviously choose it.



deluna's picture

The Night is the better IMO

shutrbug75's picture

The Night...It's cryptic and mysterious.

DivideX4's picture

"This self discovery
Redemption taking hold of my mind
A serenade of haunting voices
Calling me away"


kilometer's picture

i like them both but if I had to chose it would be deceiver

an evil entity has taken over me

mean9099's picture

The Night always!!


samstarobin134's picture

the night because it shows the emotion of the lyrics better and also cause the melody in it just strikes a chord that makes me feel it so much more so ya i say the night.

HoYack's picture

a mortal enemy has been revealed to me, how come i wasn't able to see...

Brodck's picture

100% the night, I use this guy's music in the gym!!!!! they give me the adrenaline that I need, specially the night!!!! the chorus is out of this world!!! so I go with the night!!!!

WickedKnightAlbel's picture

Deceiver without a doubt.

psyvamppirelord's picture

I would have to say Deciever because of the way that David gets the vocals out great

Ten Thousand Fists in the air

dragonhunter281's picture

I would choose "the night" but don't get me wrong deceiver is kick ass as well. Hell i like both of them but if i was to choose it would be the night

iwillkillyou4's picture

They are both awesome songs on a great album, but the night wins by a hair. The chourus always gets me. DISTURBED IS THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!