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Disturbed Song Battle!


  • Disturbed Song Battle!

    What song do you like better?

    The Night or Deceiver

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-05-16 17:07
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on May 16, 2009

What song do you like better?

The Night or Deceiver

Leave a comment with your pick below

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The Demon's picture

Disturbed! What more can i say, its simply the best.
and i do have to say that The Night wins hands down. no doubt about it. im not sying Deceiver is bad or anything, its great but The Night for sure

DISTURBED sweet's picture

They are truly great songs to listen too, but I have to go with The Night.

JEC's picture

I love and hate song battles at the same time.... they are so fun and yet its so hard to pick between 2 songs that are both extremely awesome in an epic amount. so if i have to pick between "The Night" and "Deceiver", I choose Deceiver.

viola.stoner's picture

"The Night," by far. Fantastic atmosphere, great riffs, and a mindblowing solo where Dan pulls out all the stops. "Deceiver" has some good moments (the verse riffs in particular), but as a whole, I don't think it's one of the stronger songs on the album.

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amyjo2221975's picture

I bought the cd the day it came out and from the start The Night has alway ben my fav. But then again I have every song from the begining!!

Jack B.'s picture

I like The Night better its more...catchy....ut they are both good songs...but The Night owns Deceiver

The Mouth's picture

I love The Night.It talks to my soul.

uzumaki's picture

The night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

addie76h's picture

The night

Tine_w's picture

The Night definitely!

Zuuki's picture

I like The Night better then Deceiver.

farseer55's picture

The Night!

levenator's picture

the night is soooooo much better then deciever

TheGuy2's picture

The Night

pink2luv's picture

The Night

keviz2kul4u's picture

Definately the Night

kodyj409's picture

The best song out of those two by a land slide would be the night

Markimir's picture


gate_keeper's picture

the night defintly kicks deceiver's ass!! but both the songs are fuckin awsome. but the night wins that battle.

EMPJetTrooper15's picture

By far The Night

Xander88's picture

the night is best

10zeros's picture


kidd2315's picture

Love both but The Night freakin rocks!!! One of my favorites off the new CD
Kidd Marberry

elsetho's picture

the night

sstt's picture

The Night is best! however they are both great songs

tHe-SICKNESS's picture

although both are great songs, the night is currently my favorite disturbed song.... im so glad i got to see it performed live on tour, so im picking the night for this one

remember325's picture

The night, but they both are great songs

skipster's picture

No question in my mind that it is---The Night---!! I'm hooked on it!!
May sound funny but I'm new to Disturbed. I'm 45 and strayed from hard rock, until I heard this song,now I'm back and sorry I ever left,I love this group!! The only way to be is DISTURBED!!!

hellfire123's picture

deceiver is a better song eventhough they both are very good songs