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Indestructible Trailer

Indestructible Trailer

Check out a trailer for Disturbed's new album, featuring a clip of the first single "Inside The Fire"! Indestructible - coming June 3rd!

Check out a trailer for Disturbed's new album,...

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on April 10, 2008
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Check out a trailer for Disturbed's new album, featuring a clip of the first single "Inside The Fire"! Indestructible - coming June 3rd!

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philiptarrant's picture

yeah, The Night is an amazing song from hearing it at the Hot Topic listening party. I loved it, but Criminal i think is even better!

TDO & TPO certified

"Run away from the soulless heartless fiends who hound you!"

<3 tlryfa <3

I'm verbally literate! (Are you?)

disturbedrocker's picture

u guys kick ass can't wait till the new album's picture

seriusly great work you guys promo vid looked amaizing, im really lookin forward to indestructable.

Keep Killin 'Em

mattzzor's picture

Disturbeds new album... ive been waiting for it since last year soon all my wishes will come true love you all guys.

The_Dark_One's picture

Continue your legacy as my number #1 favorite band Disturbed and rock that fucking world!


"From the depths I've come"

TheHallowedParadox's picture

That was the sikest bacground mix i have ever heard in my life!!!
Go ahead Disturbed! Ur 100% Wiked Awesome!!

Rickey's picture

Rickey Burchett i just bought the ten thousand fist cd and i cant wait for indestructible its goina kick ass!! i hope the make a guitar hero disturbed for the playsation 2 and xbox 360 cause that would kick ASS.

psalms-isaac's picture

The title track sounds awesome, Inside the Fire and Perfect Insanity are also sweet ass tracks..

I'll be happy when I see that package on my porch!

disturbedgmr's picture

this album will rock. i cant wait for it....

disturbed gmr is here

Demian Emil's picture

Being a fan of DISTURBED makes me proud of myself....One thing is for sure guys kick a*s!!!!!!!! Tineti-o tot asa(keep it going)!

The_Little_Chris's picture

You are the greatest band ever. Went to your 2006 UK ten thousand fists tour gig at the Glasgow Barrowlands(loved it, you really know how to work up the crowd.), have all your cds, pr-ordered this one and ordered your t-shirt(That people buy even when they don't know you guys cause they love the design.). This album looks and sounds like it's going to be the greatest album of all time.

GuitarGod's picture

Yeah, been a disturbed fan for about 3 or 4 years now...and i am never gonna give up on them..


Disturbed_Fan's picture

Nicholas Rhodes

I can't wait for "Indestructible" to come out. I may have been a Disturbed fan for about 3 months straight but I love em and I hope they keep making songs for years to come

-Long Live Disturbed-

DONIMATOR's picture

I have been a fan of Disturbed for about 8 months now and I reckon they will only get better. Nicholas, you have a lot in store if you are going to be a full on fan, as do I and all the disturbed fans. Disturbed Rocks!!!

Jatho's picture

... meant the song at 00:39? This is Perfect Insanity... i think so, at least...

Nix1331's picture

This album is going to RRRROOOOOOCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bresler's picture

Does anyone know if that 3rd song in the trailer is called and if it has been released?

DMZMetal's picture

I agree that is a song can't wait for the CD.

DISTURBEDrocks1000's picture

Indestructible is a awsome song


Disturbedfan15's picture

This cd is going to be fucking awesome!!!

D1_Haydee's picture

I fucken love these guys!!! OMG!! Someone hold me.... preferably David :D

With Love From Hell...

unbornlegend's picture

Damn that was amazing I am gonna line up for their new album and I can not wait

smallman69696's picture

4/20this CD is going to be amazing but im going to gigantoure so thats going to help the weght

Terath's picture

I have to admit, this video gives me some doubts. I dunno, after Ten Thousand Fists, I was really looking forward to the future of Disturbed. David said this was going to be a lot "ballsier" and channel some of the stuff goin' on in his life into this. Dan was really improving as a guitarist, even throwing some solos in; I still love playing Stricken on Guitar Hero. The songs I've heard so far, along with this video, don't seem to reflect that. It seems to be instead backtracking into a more mainstream, pop influenced sound. The songs seem less energetic, less powerful, and with the exception of "Perfect Insanity," I haven't heard any noteworthy guitar parts. I know that a couple songs and a few clips don't speak for an entire album, but if this is what Disturbed, who are producing themselves this time around, is putting out, then I'm worried. Self-production means at least an added degree of independnce, so why does this, especially this video, smack of a record company's dream?

BigGayPeg's picture

Although the remake will probably be different, another song they wrote with Fuzz back in the Perfect Insanity days will be on Indestructible - Divide. Link in my siggie to the original recording - have a listen. It's more raw like the original Perfect Insanity.

Gotta love my search subscription on you tube!

See for songs from the guys before David... a little pacifier while you wait for Indestructible - THEY ROCK!!!! (videos here:

The original recording of DIVIDE, the remake of Midlife Crisis & Liberate remixed for The Matrix movie are here:

"All your belief cannot absolve your sin."

crzypiper's picture

Man i cant wait. This month is going to be a long one.

Disturbed Rocks!!! Crazy for David

Ghost's picture

Wow, this is going to be an insanly sick CD. Can't wait that long to buy it. Must have it now!

Witchymumof4's picture

OMFG the wait until June 3rd is going to be seriously painful!!
Saw the guys in Manchester UK last time they were here, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back soon. There isn't another band in the WORLD who rock me like you do.
Love yas

livewire98's picture

1:00 - 1:14....I can't get this part out of my head!!...insanely good stuff right there

yo Pyro...nice to see ya again

Indestructible, Determination That is Incorruptible

DisturbedPyro's picture

its great to be back. i see a couple familiar names. i like the new look of the site. cant wait for the new album, and im going to indiana for the show on the 15th!