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on August 20, 2008
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Wow This Shit Was Awesome, The Video Was Very Epic. Disturbed Keep Doing What You Do Soo Well. I Say 11/10.

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Bravo to the inclusion of a female warrior in this stunning video!!! I was at Mayhem in Va. Beach back on 8/1 and the emotion was palpable as you belted this out for us. This song was my 7 year old's theme song when the "jerkfaces" got him down in camp this summer. How many kids can shout out lines like "determination that is incorruptible?" Damn. Just damn! Keep it up and thanks! You are truly appreciated.

Xlander's picture

Disturbed is NOTHING!! NOTHING, short of liberating and powerful. Simply incredible!! 10+ .

We are here.. my brothers, my sisters, my blood!

samstarobin134's picture

i think this is their best video yet

5H4D0W's picture

Epic... Truly epic my friends. =D

Jesco73's picture

I'm loving it :-) I like the idea of the song being the "code" for warriors through the ages

so can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean
if I'm not free to be as twisted as I want to be

jairparh's picture

Absolutely georgeous!!!!! as always, it is amazing, congratulations to this awesome band...

MikeySmith's picture

excellent ;)

Axle_Disturbed's picture

Awesome song, Awesome vid. But would have loved to see another vid with the Guy in it. I pictured this video as sorta a mix of this and the guy but neverless. A kick ass vid, for a kick ass song, by a kick ass band.

Blade's picture

Fuck YES!!
I am Indestructible!!

leonnichols's picture

Cannot say how easy it always has been to love these dudes...but with quality music and vids as is EASY to see how!

IraJacobs's picture

Great vid, now we need a copy that isn't horrible youtube-level of quality!

MRST's picture

This Video is awesome! Great work - 10/10 (!)

Damn it, this shit is really good and I love this "evolution-thing"! ^^

"I'm indestructible master of war!"

teoxy's picture

One of the best videos I saw in my life, and trust me, I saw a lot...Good job, guys!!!


Disturbed is the best band ever. I can't believe that Metal isn't mainstream music.

Cheka13's picture

Great video and song Disturbed is the Best. I hope they make a video for The Night.\m/

shutrbug75's picture

The imagery in the video is very powerful and exhilerating! As a film student, I'm always visualizing what a finished music video will look like in conjuction to the song. I'm always interested in what other producers and directors create to help expand my own knowledge and vision of what's possible.

jak9393's picture

when will this music vid come up on itunes?

cbssi's picture

That was great -- Hope "The Night's" will be just as great. Expecting the best!

Sparta211's picture

Why do you think they are making a music video for "The Night"?
"It's all been a lie,
And I'll never come to know why,
I woke to dscover
You leaving me now!"

kizza91's picture

Awesome video, keep them coming =]

Ravensclaw's picture

After watching that i do feel INDESTRUCTIBLE thanks Disturbed Rock On

allthatrocks's picture

*Please~ make a video for "The Night"!!!!


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