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on April 18, 2008
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love the song

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Epic song <3 love

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This song fuckin rocks

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I don’t know how to explain how I feel when I listen to this song other than it’s so powerful. I know this though..I can't wait till your next CD comes out!

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assassin&#039;s creed's picture

i love this song keep rockin diturbed and never stop

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this video is so awesome

this one and the one for Stupify and The Night are my favorites :)


deff one of their best songs, love it :)

gothicvampire's picture

yes love this song!

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this song is very true and isaw it live and it was just that much more empowering so thanks for the great song

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u guys are awesome man u guys are the best i love this song the most it reminds to go straight to my goals in life rock on

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This is just amazing in every way

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i love this song every day i listin to this song it gets me pumped before lacrosse games and before i lift there songs speak the truth keep rockin on and dont stop

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i love this song every day i listin to this song it gets me pumped before lacrosse games and before i lift there songs speak the truth keep rockin on and dont stop

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The special effects of this video are great and very uplifting. David does an amazing job again expressing his emotion through song. Rock on David and keep the music flowing!


Haunted rhyno's picture

Boys, i dont know if you read any of this but if any of you do i would like to say that you have made so many people realise there dreams there goals.
Without you guys i would never of thought of writing.
Now i am a writter at my school.
This song is my fav song and it means so much to me.
I would love to meet you guys and talk to the band.
Prayer, there is a way you say it and so many meanings come to mind.
now all i do is think of how this song helped me.
Thankz to everyone who helps disturbed and disturbed as well.
you are awsome and shuld never stop rocking.
Dont let any bullshit stuff you guys up.
Stick together and continue to prove to the world its Okay to be disturbed


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This song is really truly what I relate to as everything that was my life and had meaning, no matter how much I pray it didn't seem to be enough everything was taken from me. My rights was raped from me and everything I once had . All I do now is settle to work and live out my life and from there to go nowhere. In doing so deal with emotions , thoughts, and feeling the ones you never hear ... and the ones you do no one seems to listen or care .. But yet someone out there is worse off then me I have no place to say .. or do I ..I live my life without my kids just to live for them . Other then that I really have nothing you only have you in the end ...

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This song is definitely one of my favorite Disturbed songs. I love how deep their stuff is. It really speaks to me, especially because it's so true. People anymore seem to have all lost their minds. It's insane! And these guys have the balls to tell it like it is! They are truly rock legends. Keep it comin guys. Keep it comin.

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homeboy is a bad ass on tha guitar. only i wish i can play like him.

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it is still my fav .sometimes you got to pull it off. yall did a good job!

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this song has to be one that has kept me goin through some hard times as i heard about what influenced this song n it also contains great ryth's n lyrics

diana_nicolici88's picture

the best!love it,love them!

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Treasure every moment that you have! And remember that time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present!

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in the past year, i have grown to love this band. they are just amazing and i bought all 4 albums in the last 2 years. the last band that did this to me was Metallica. Love the songs, the riffs, the lyrics and the voice. keep it up disturbed

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this song is def in my top 5 favorites of all time. its exactly how i feel about the world today. im going to be 21 in sept, and just in my lifetime, things have gotten so much worse. i love these guys for telling how it really is. they infuse me with so much passion!!!



Indestructiblemasterofwar's picture

Pretty kick-ass stuff
-The Master of War

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Indestructible kicks ass every bit, if not more than 10k Fists, but Prayer is still the best song AND video ever!
"Let's Roll" Blu

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No amount of prayer seems to help either. srry last minite thought from previous comment.

"When you hear me howl at night, know this.
I am watching over you, so you can live in safety." The Guardian by Craig Alan Hall



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