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on August 20, 2008
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disturbeddogdemon's picture

distubed is the best band ive ever heard and i'll listen to almost anything once this video rocks

disturbed vamp1's picture

this video rocks as hard as the band what higher praise is that?

disturbed vamp1's picture

this video rocks as hard as the band what higher praise is that?


joine's picture

this is a fat tune u rock big time xx

TheBloodCountess's picture

OMG! You guys absolutely rock!! You definitely need to tour Australia more often! I love what you have done with this clip, you guys just totally rule and anyone who disagrees should be king hit!

cervantes56m's picture

When you guys submitted the trio of songs for Rock Band I snatched them up right away. This song is simply amazing to play to.

Great call guys. Keep up the great work.

When you are coming through Canada again? lol.

You need to come through Winnipeg inparticular!!!!!!

cervantes56m's picture

This band is freaking amazing and know how to relate to people.

You guys need to tour Canada, namely Winnipeg!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see WHEN not IF you guys roll through town!!!!!

freshman12's picture

That is freakin' AMAZING!!!! another work of art by the greatest band ever!

Thunderbolt's picture

F***ing Awesome!!!

Disturbed_Shadow's picture

This Song Is Kickass

TRLewis2006's picture

I've been working on a story for just about ever and was struggling ot find the perfect mood music for the aftermath of a capture and interrogation sequence. "Indestructible" is IT!!!! This song is going to my that character's workout music to motivate her to destroy the people who hurt her. Thanks Disturbed!

jonddover's picture

I have seen the Light ,,, AND IT IS DISTURBED

Leo Moon's picture

loved it

The Masked Metalist's picture

gt to be one of the best videos ive seen. If they make a Halo Movie, have this song as the Cheif's tune.

Disturbed Rocks's picture

That is the best vid I've ever seen! Its fucking awsome!

Disturbed-94's picture

Fucking greatest song and video ever!

baller80000's picture

wow that was the best vidio so far

darkgamer1912's picture

wow is all i have to say one of the best songs to date with such a great meaning keep up the good work you guys were sick in concert cant wait for the next go around

mano's picture

my fiance was listening dis song n told me it new disturbed single i listened n luvd it

Whoo's picture

Not the best music video, but still pretty good. :D

moonfire's picture

Both the video and song rock! I can't stop listening to it! It gets me so pumped! Disturbed is my favorite band ever!

lonewolf's picture

you guys ROCK!!!!!

Disturbaatio's picture

The video was excellent but the view were too close to draiman often :S great video still :)

Ray-Ray's picture

Great clip, not what I expected...excellent!

disturbing_nurse's picture

that is fucking awesome!!!! very motivating. damn, I love you guys!blessed be

self-destructed's picture

Great job, guys!!! :):):):)
I started to listen You few years ago, accidentally, which saved my life. Now I cannot stop listening. :)
All the best from Poland! :)

The-Son-of-a Plunder's picture

An amazing video great job , you're the best

Because there are French who love Disturbed

ckitty2's picture

I have loved you guys since I first heard you, and have never let up. You make great music and really cool videos. I love this video and all the warriors through time, including our troops. You guys are freakin' great, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

jersey69's picture

you guys are my hero's your music is inbeliveable and when you put together film clips like you've done its inforgetable. cant wait to see you live in perth........xo


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