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The Meaning Behind Asylum

The Meaning Behind Asylum

David Explains the meaning behind Asylum

David Explains the meaning behind Asylum

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on May 20, 2010

David Explains the meaning behind Asylum

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dfolgate's picture

wtf ahhh duh you do speak english

Wilma's picture

cool video, thank you for posting,
this man is really awesome. think me crazy but i think he's kinda cute
yours, an employee of

DisturbedPumpkin's picture

nice&deccent ;p

bacon08's picture

i like how aware he makes the world around us more normal, like feelings of depression and anger its life we deal with it in or animal wayz, i like disturbed there alwayz there for us, my #1 fav band!!

azza1991's picture

as always, dan the front man, shows that he is not just an awesome face of an awesome band. that he also is a man of substance. rock on boys!

TJade's picture

I have enjoyed the entire CD. Insanely dark lyrics, written just for me lol

Witchy Women's picture

She Spiralled down toward destruction and ultimatelly met her demise, waiting to be with him. Only to be awakend again with the dark forces that take him into that asylum.


It`s cool to be insane =)

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