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on August 20, 2008
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this song and night are the best songs ever

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this is my favoute song

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Loved how they showed so many different types of fighters in this video. This song is the sh*t!!!!!

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Here is my song.


I'm like a dark thunderstorm that destroys
My enemys fear me for I destroy without warning
You cant escape me I have no fear in destroying you
Step down now or be destroyed
I am stronger than you'll evert be I never fail
Run if you want to survive.
Unlock the darkdestroyer thats buried withen me
Nothing can defeat me for I'm indestrucrtible
I'm stronger at night whenits the darkest hour
I can seeyour fear in your actions
Dont try to act brave run to escape
If you attack in any way you will fail My enemies cant touch me for I'm too fast
You can never defeat me for I'll show you why
I'm indestructible; the dark destroyer of war
If you intened to survive then run now
I'm like a dark thundesrstorm that destroys
If you want to survive then run or be destroyed
My enemies are weak I can see their fear in their actions
I'm the master of war stand down now
I am the terror of the night I am un defeatable
You fear the night and hate the days
You can never understand why I love the nights
You try to win but never can
You'll distover a battle your unable to win
I dont need to question where to find your weaknesses
I see your weakess in your eyes and actions
I can see you come and fight dont hide
I carry my nations banner with pride
I am the chosen one to destroy you
Stand aside now if you want to survive
Guard yourself if you want to see another day
Nothing can defeat me for I'm indestructible
You can not hide now
I am a warrior so decide now how they'll remember you
act like a warrior show your pride now solidify your place in time surrender mow and live in peace
You can join me or die trying choose now
You'll never be stronger than me Look around you your friends have surrendered Dont try to detsroy me because you cant
I am called sniper I am the dark destroyer
Surrender now or be counted with the the dead
Your weakness is easy to see in every move you make so surrender and live
You cant see in the dark like I can you faer the dark
I'm indestructible I am the dark destroyer!
Its in my blood the power of a warrior There will be a battle tonight you'll not win.

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I have yet to write my song.I will do soon as I can sorry I didnt right back soon enough. Ryan H. I will get on here soon as I can. Here is part of it.

I,m like a dark thunderstorm that destroys
my enemies fear me for I destroy them
you cant escape from me
I have no fear in destroying you!
Step downnow or be destroyed
I am stronger than you'll ever be run if you want to survive

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I voted 5!

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Ok so Nina, I'm gunna look your song up. Is it posted on the WWW, or you just wrote it and left it? If i can find it can you give me link?

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The person under you IS really herself I am Nina. I listen to KWHL 106.5 the best station EVER. Thats where I heard INDESTRUCTIBLE. I have wrote a song its a called the I AM THE DARK DESTROYER. Its a little like INDESTRUCTIBLE, WARRIOR, THE ANIMAL and NEW DEVIDE.

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I loooove Disturbed my m2 most favorite songs are Indestructible and Hell. I feel like I can go to war and be indestructible. When I hear the song Hell I think of a girl that really pissses me off so I sing it loud enough for her to hear . I would LOVe if DISTURBED comes to Achorage Alaska and I want a shirt too.

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awesome clip and song

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I'm so sick of people advertising on forums.

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this song gets me through the day

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this band kicks so much ass indestructib

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Okay fellow guitarists. what is dans setup? i think he has randall cabs, but what heads does he use??


One of the best Disturbed`s songs!!!!!

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my favorite drom the indestrucdebil ablum but the best song ever is still 10.000 fist ^^

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I love every song David sings but my favourite is surely Stricken

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This Track pumps me up I am Indestructible


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This is my fight song the one that gets me pumped and ready for the new day, the song that makes me want to keep on living in this miserable world

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INDESTRUCTIBLE is the best yet from DISTURBED! What a great theme song for the Patriot Movement. Keep on kicking ass, guys! HOOOAAAHHH!

BravoLima Nemo me impune lacesset! Carpe diem! Audentes fortuna juvat! Vincit omnia veritas! Liberty or Death!

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This vid kicks some serious ASS. It's a vid that I can totally understand after just returning from Iraq. The solo Kicks ASS also I Fuckin' love Disturbed and I just can't want until their next tour.

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I FUKIN LOVE THIS SONG AND VID!!!!!!!!! :D This gonna b my war song when I join the army and go 2 war :) INDESTRUCTIBLE MASTER OF WAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's a Damn good song to use trust me on this man.

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I absolutely love the progression through the ages showing how one warrior CAN make a difference. It truly makes one wonder how many battles have actually been won because of that one 'indesctructible' warrior who turned the tide and probably saved the lives of his/her comrades. Excellent work on the song and the video (again!)!!!!

Semper Fideles!!!!

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Could you guys PLEASE visit Georgia sometime? I'm dyin to go 2 one of your concerts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm bored out of my mind!It's all gotten old! :)

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This wideo was AWESOME! Scale of 1 to 10: 20. Loved it! I thought it was really cool how David was blown up in the beginning and how warriors were used in the video!

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This song period reminds me of our military ...I listen and think about all those gone to war...Past,Present and future...This song not only rocks but it makes people think about all those gone to war,all who have lost their lives to defend what they believe in.... Thank You Disturbed for all the awesome things you guys do without knowing it.....

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The solo here rocks!!


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