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Little Disturbed Wolfie
About Me: 
Hi, my name is Little Disturbed Wolfie, and I have to confess I'm obsessed with Disturbed. I hero-worship David, Danny, Mikey, and John and I love all of Disturbed's music. I have a small obsession with drawing pictures of The Guy XD
*Listening to Disturbed *Singing (not well lol) *Drawing *Hunting *Recreational Shooting
Favorite Bands: 
*DISTURBED!!!!! *Avenged Sevenfold *Anthrax *Black Sabbath *Bring Me The Horizon *Cephalic Carnage *Device (of course) *Evanescence *Five Finger Death Punch *Godsmack *In This Moment *Iron Maiden *Kittie *Korn *Megadeth *Metallica *Motionless in White *Mudvayne *Of Mice & Men *Pantera *Rammstein *Seether *Slipknot *Stone Sour *System Of A Down *Trivium
United States

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