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This is specifically a comment to you David Draiman, you are my inspiration and when I hear your voice singing any song at all, it speaks to the heart of my soul, literally. Your hauntingly beautiful voice in sounds of silence brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps across my skin, your lyrics seem to always hit home to me in a more personal manner of speaking than I could ever find words to describe how much that is true. When I hear you sing, dude I'm in absolute awe with your most amazing talent and ability in vocal range, to song writing and stage presence, thank you so much for the passion and energy I feel in every song you come out with, I can't find the words to string together just how much I admire you. You deserve to be in the rock n roll hall of fame, and to me your name is already immortalized within it. The only music I ever seem to listen to is Disturbed, specifically the Asylum album on repeat. I have tried to break my disturbed cycle in music, songs, albums etc. I have done this by introducing Disturbed... Their album title says it all really to their career and my music habits, it's Indestructable and I only hope they continue to produce kick ass music that everyone connects to so many of their songs in relating to all the lyrics personally yet individually. I descovered Disturbed by being a rock goddess in my own lounge room bashing the drums and cracking out the songs in the guitar hero range. Stricken struck me first as a fav, the down with the sickness started to cripple me as a fav too. No sooner had I heard the songs in gaming they graced Adelade Entertainment Centre in Australia for unbelievably cheap tickets. After the concert I was sold Disturbed rocked my world and became my only band taking over from Evenesence. Always a lover of Metallica despite my age, I never thought I'd love a hard rock band like Metallica and their rock classics until the day of disturbed. It's like you guys took their place in the world keeping shit real and keeping rock alive and do it so well. Disturbed thank f****** god for you guys, your beliefs, your music and your lyrics. You deserve the loyalty your fans give you. When I feel like I'm in a "Sanitarium" I escape to your Asylum and rock myself back to thinking maybe I too can be Indestructable. Thanks for the inspiration and COME BACK TO ADELAIDE we'll be waiting for the day to all scream out WE ARE... DISTURBED. Oh yeah bitchez
South Australia
Creating what ever my hands and mind can can put together with my crazy amount of art, craft, paint shit. You name it chances are I have it in my collection. Playing drums and singing when I want to show off my mad skills or not so mad sometimes! Hanging with the few real people I know and want to spend time with and know I can be me without judgement Having many solitary moments to think, remember fond memories to reflect, wonder about the future and sometimes to just switch off and escape the clutches of the world and the darkness and hate it can bring down on you
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DISTURBED Metallica Evenesence Iron Maiden and my step sons hard core metal band <3
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Disturbed and Soundwave 2010 Adelaide
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